Going all In – Fantasy Football Update

When it comes to McFadden, I'm "all in"

Life is all about choices.  Some are tougher than others.  The tougher choice may often require you to make a choice between taking a safe play and going all in.

Imagine you work a decent job, with decent hours and decent pay.  Life is pretty good, but you’re by no means living in luxury.  Then, a prominent business man approaches you and offers you the chance of a lifetime.  You can quit your job and take a role with him with a chance to work the job of your dreams, make all the money you’d ever need, and have time to spend with your family.  There’s a catch though, in order to get the job, you have to enroll in a 10 week training program where at the end, there’s only a 50% chance you’ll be hired.  So what do you do?  No one’s ever struck it rich by staying with the safe, mid level job but I assume it does decrease the risk of ending up homeless.

So there’s your choice, you keep your average job and average life or you go all in.  You have a 50% chance of striking it rich and a 50% chance of ending up jobless in a recession.  And I’ll tell you something, those are better odds than you get in any casino.

Chances are, if you play in a competitive fantasy league, you’ll be faced with a similar choice.  There’s guy you love, guys your need, and guys you just want to get rid of.  There’s only a handful of guys you’d go all in on.  You trade away your favorite players or your top draft picks just to bet it all on that one special player.

The following is a list of guys I’m all in on.  Not all of them are guys I’d trade the core of my team to get, but they’re all people I believe in 100%.  They’ve captivated me in some way or another.

Guys I’m All In On:

Darren McFadden – I was declaring McFadden a top 5 back since the summer.  As long as he stays healthy, I’m betting it all on McFadden.

Aaron Rodgers – I know this shouldn’t be surprising, Rodgers is clearly here to stay but after last week’s monster performance, Rodgers is now the #1 scorer in fantasy.

Wes Welker – Again, not really going out on a limb here, but Welker has been one of the most dominant WRs each week and no one has found a way to stop him, look for him to rack it up every week.

Cam Newton – I said on Football Overhaul that I wanted to give Newton a shot at a big defense before I believed.  Well, he went against the Bears and you know what, I believe.

Ryan Mathews – I traded for him last year which turned out to be a big bust because of his injury but he looks sharp this year and I am convinced he’ll be one of the top backs this year.

Calvin Johnson – He is simply a monster.  8 TDs in 4 games and he’s been making catches 2 on 1.  No reason to think he can’t end up the #1 WR by the end of the year.

Darren Sproles – Especially in a PPR.  The Saints started by throwing to him all the time, now they’re giving him carries as well.  Got to love all those touches.

Vincent Jackson – I think VJax is in a fantastic passing offense and has the skills to top it off.

Matthew Stafford – I loved Stafford all summer as well.  If he can get through the entire season without injury, he’ll be in the top 5.  Count on it.

Arian Foster – I thought it was a fluke last year.  I don’t know if he’s talented or Texas is just a good running team, but Foster is back, and he’s serious.

And my one risky all in pick:

Julio Jones – The Falcons are throwing the ball a lot and many of those targets are finding Jones.  I wouldn’t go as far as to say that he ends up with more points than White, but I also wouldn’t be shocked.

Guy I’m not buying:

Beanie Wells – He’s been outstanding so far but the Cardinals have also been losing, they’ll need to air it out more and Wells isn’t good enough to keep it up.

Eric Decker – At least not as good as he has been.  He’s ranked 4th of WRs right now.  He might end up good but he’s not top 10 material.

A.J. Green – It’s been years since a rookie WR has gotten over 1,000 yards.  Green has over 300 already but with a rookie QB and few other good targets, I don’t think it will keep up.

Mike Tolbert – He’s getting TDs but he’s playing second fiddle to Mathews who has looked great and Tolbert’s not even averaging 3 YPC.

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