The Challenge: Battle of the Exes, Episode 5

Episode 5 provides some interesting sub-plots to look ahead.

***In what will become a weekly edition to TheWavierWire, Mike Aurigemma and Greg Kaplan will sit down and discuss what happened in the previous night’s episode of The Challenge: Battle of the Exes. SPOILER ALERT: we do discuss the results from the show. If you haven’t seen the episode yet, don’t read this until later. Really. It’s that simple. Just don’t be stupid.***

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We’re down to the real meat and potatoes of this season. Episode 5 saw some real fireworks involving Camila, drinking and real-life issues surrounding the relationship of Abram and Cara Maria. With only a handful of teams left, its getting down to crunch time for all remaining couples…

Kaplan: Alright my friend, its time to get down and dirty with this week’s episode. Ty and Emily were voted into The Dome for the second time, and once again were victorious, ousting Abe and Cara Maria. What are your initial thoughts?

Abe and Cara Maria proved to be no match for Ty and Emily in The Dome

Boston: Well, my initial thoughts are that I am the one bragging this week after picking Abe and Cara Maria to be the ones heading home. When I first saw what the elimination was, I thought for sure it was going to come down to a coin flip. I thought for sure Abe was going to beat Ty and. I knew Emily was going to beat Cara Maria. It turned out differently and it made me wonder if Abe is more bark than bite at this point.

Hold on, hear him out...

I’m going to use Kevin Garnett as an example to compare him to. I know it is different situations that both of them are in, but just hear me out for a second. They are both certifiably insane. That is clear with Garnett who talks to himself and hits himself more than anyone I have ever seen. And believe me, I see my great Aunt talk to herself almost 24/7. Also they were both insanely competitively people and a little while ago, they would be able to back up all the trash talk.

But now, its a different story. You saw how Abe was in the elimination round. He just kept talking trash to Ty and was extremely emotional just like Garnett still is, but this time he was going up against a younger opponent and he just couldn’t do it anymore. Its sad to see both of them on the decline in their career, but it looks like it may be time for them to both retire and ride off into the sunset.

Well now that I covered Abe and his situation, what do you have to say about Ty and Emily showing how great they can be?

Kaplan: Did they show how great they can be? I think Abe said it best in the post-Dome interview. “I just wish this went a couple more rounds. I feel like I can keep going while Ty…he can’t even stand up to shake my hand”. The one issue we have always been talking about with Ty is his endurance. When he went up in the elimination in Cutthroat, he won the first round, then gased out in the next two and got eliminated. Ty is great in short bursts, that’s why I wasn’t completely surprised he split the first two rounds with Abe.

Also, X Battle played into his hands against Abe because the key to winning that elimination is falling directly on your opponent’s arms and keeping the ex between you and the ground. Ty is much heavier than Abe, so once Abe lost control of the X, he wasn’t getting it back. I know it sounds crazy to say this, but Ty got lucky with his match-up against Abe. You’re right. As of now, Abe is all bark and no bite. Ty was able to out muscle Abe. There is no guy left in this house that Ty can out muscle. Johnny, CT and Mark are all beasts. Dunbar is, well, heavy. His only hope is getting matched up against Anessa or Rachel, but I’m sure they’d have to do an endurance-based Dome if they were paired against each other. Which, again, goes right into Ty’s major weakness.
Emily should be concerned with this. I think she saw the greatest flaw in Ty’s game and she’s just lucky to get out alive. Now, two things we did see are new twists entering into the game. Ty and Paula have a serious little thing going on while it is clear nobody wants to consider Robin in any sort of scheme. If there is one thing for sure, it is Paula can be manipulated easily. How do these two factors come into effect throughout the rest of the Challenge?

It's Ty "gased" face! Will we see it again this season?

Boston: I do think Ty does have an extreme weakness and endurance is something that is necessary for the finals and I do not think he has that, but I would not want to go up against him and Emily in an elimination round.

Greg you are absolutely right in saying that Paula can be manipulated in this game easily. I think that is something to watch from here on out and Johnny is someone who has manipulated her a number of times before. I can easily see her and Ty ending badly if she has to choose between Ty or Johnny she would never turn against Johnny. He has her wrapped around his fingers. It is absolutely crazy to watch what he can make her do.

On the other hand I really don’t think Robin has any factor in this game. I mean we saw that she did not want Mark to have all of the power and she did not want to send Emily and Ty in. And who was it that ended up going in. Oh that’s right it was Ty and Emily. Well Robin really proved that she has a very strong say in this game from here on out.

Somebody who has been kind of a non factor so far has surprisingly been CT. Do you see that changing from here on at all? I sure hope it does.

Does Diem have CT completely distracted from the game?

Kaplan: I know I’ve made this point before. Diem has CT so focused on her that he can’t do his usual egging on in the house. However, the reason nobody has voted CT into the Dome is because he seems rather docile. He seems harmless. But, we both know, all it takes is one ill-timed word and CT becomes combustable. There isn’t one team in the house that wants to go up against CT in any kind of elimination. And there isn’t one team that wants to be on CT’s bad side. I almost want to say that CT and Diem seem untouchable, unless they completely blow a challenge and finish last. There’s an old saying that you let the sleeping dog lay. Don’t wake the sleeping dog. CT and Diem fit the profile as the sleeping dog. Nobody wants to piss them off.
As for this Camila drama that transpired last week. Does that make Johnny and Camila seem vulnerable to go into the Dome? Or is that a ridiculous notion.

Boston: I do not see Johnny getting voted into the dome unless it is by Emily and Ty who really can’t lose or gain anything no matter who they throw in. I do not see them coming in last in a competition either at this point. I still see Dunbar and Paula as a lot weaker as well as Rachel and Aneesa. I do want to get to the Camila drama though as that was pretty entertaining. I really did not know that she became like that when she was drunk, but all of a sudden she was ready to kill Johnny. I just don’t know what switch was flipped in her head, but she just went off on so many people. I also think that Johnny could have handled it better at first by not egging her on. That could have developed into a bigger problem and it seemed like he didn’t want to deal with it when in reality he should have to just end it right away.

It did all work out in the end for him as they definitely seemed to put their problems behind them. While talking about Camila she was involved in my highlight of the night for me. When she was out at the bar and she was there dancing with some random kid and was all over him. I mean this is something you very rarely see in these challenges. I mean the people don’t even go out usually and they never ever talk to locals and hook up with him. That kind of stuff has been on Real World and the Jersey Shore, but I loved every second of it happening in this episode. It really made the episode for me because it is just so rear. I felt like I saw a solar eclipse last night and it was an extremely underrated moment.

Anything you saw in this episode that could completely change the game from her on out?

Kaplan: Paula and Ty eventually hooking up. That has to be a game changer. Clearly, Ty and Emily have a bulls-eye on their back. We’ve already touched on how easy it is to flip Paula in this game for other competitors. What happens if Dunbar and Paula become the Power Couple again and Rachel and Anessa lose the event, automatically sending them into the Dome? It would seem obvious to Dunbar to send in Emily and Ty so he doesn’t rock the boat. But, does Paula go with that? Or does she step in for Ty? In essence, Paula is getting in bed with the enemy. That could shift the bulls-eye from Ty and Emily to Paula and Dunbar. Needless to say, that’s the last thing Dunbar wants to happen.
What about you? Did you see something different?

Boston: Well one thing that stuck out in my mind was how Johnny was so adamant about Paula and Dunbar having the opportunity to go last for the event. I mean it wasn’t even a question to him and he didn’t even think about himself going last which I thought was extremely interesting. It could mean two things; one that he wants Paula to always have his back and she is the real person he has an allegiance with or two that he just does not fear them at all and thinks they had no chance of winning the competition. Either way I thought it was interesting to see that and could tell us something about what we will see from here on out.

We haven’t really talked about Rachel and Aneesa today. How are they still here I just don’t get it besides the fact that they went up against Tyree and Jasmine.

Kaplan: Mark wasn’t going to vote Rachel in. I think he saw how crazy Camila truly is and that maybe, just maybe, he got played last week when it came to the whole “Rachel said you wanted to leave” thing. They’re clearly the weakest team left. And, outside of Mark, nobody really has a connection with them. If Johnny and Camila win another power couple, Rachel and Anessa will be their first choice to go in.
The only thing saving Rachel and Anessa right now is their team work. They’re solid. Nothing special, but definitely solid. With their strong team work, they can continue to stay out of Domes but not finishing last. However. If they don’t win a Power Couple or finish last, I feel we’re at the point in the game where they’re the weakest team and they’ll have to start fighting for their lives in this game. Last week broke perfectly for them. Abe and Cara Maria sucked while Mark and Robin got PC. That scenario isn’t going to happen in their favor again.
Alright, I believe we’re at this point. Predictions for next week’s show Mike?

Boston: Well I think you may have just convinced me. I’m going to go witb Rachel and Aneesa to be the team going home next week. I also hope that they are the team to go because I do not think they bring much to the show for me at least.

Who you going with Greg?

Kaplan: I got to go with the same, Rachel and Anessa. I don’t see things breaking for them as perfectly as it did this time. At some point, the weakest team needs to go home. This is the weakest team still left in the house.

Mike Aurigemma and Greg Kaplan are staff writers for TheWaiverWire.