The Challenge: Battle of the Exes, Episode 7

The cliffhanger ending has our pondering what will happen next...

***In what will become a weekly edition to TheWavierWire, Mike Aurigemma and Greg Kaplan will sit down and discuss what happened in the previous night’s episode of The Challenge: Battle of the Exes. SPOILER ALERT: we do discuss the results from the show. If you haven’t seen the episode yet, don’t read this until later. Really. It’s that simple. Just don’t be stupid.***

MTV pulled off one of their patented “Cliff Hanger” episodes, not giving us the complete package this week to keep us coming back for more. There are still five teams left in action, with Ty and Emily slated to enter another Dome after finishing in last during the shotgun wedding challenge…

Kaplan: Alright Mikey, crazy episode last night and your typical cliff-hanger ending. We’d be remiss if we didn’t talk first about “The Incident” when Emily put on blackface as an imitation of Ty. In my head, when MTV teased it, I knew the fight would stem from something racial. What were your thoughts on what happened last night? Ty was in the right in this situation, yes?

The rift between Emily and Ty after "The Incident" could send this team home early.

Boston: Yes I had a feeling as well that it had to be something racist after the way MTV teased it. I do think Ty was in the right in the situation and I don’t think that it was so much the racial part of the joke more with who it was coming from. He even mentioned that in the show and also in the after show when they talked about it. He felt betrayed by the one person in the house that he thought he could trust. It was understandable for him to have that response and I think he made the right decision by staying in the house. Ty was never really mad at Camila over the whole situation and he knew that they weren’t being racist.

While we are on the subject of Ty the show pointed out how he was being so well behaved this season. I think I mentioned last week how he is usually drama free and now that I think about it I was wrong. He had blowouts with Brandon, Adam and many other people over the seasons. What do you think made him change this season? And you do think he is different as well right?

Kaplan: There are a couple things to me. The first, which I think is a major theme for this entire season, is the major center of created drama is within each individual team. There aren’t many rivals people have gripes with in the house besides the person they have to participate with. Each team has to control their emotions and make their own separate situations work that there isn’t time to be dramatic with other people in the house. Which, again, is another reason why Ty was so hurt by Emily’s actions. He felt they buried the hatchet on their past problems, and Emily pretty much spit in his face.

 The other reason, obviously, is Paula. She has tamed the beast. The majority of the season, Ty’s main focus was getting with Paula. He didn’t have time to focus on other aspects of the game. Those two reasons seem to have consumed Ty, and he hasn’t gone out of his way to cause trouble.
Now, the main focus of our debate  today needs to be centered around who CT and Diem are going to put into the Dome. First, I’d like to see I was right predicting their win. More importantly, this is a critical Dome. It determines who’s in the Final Four.

Is Diem most afraid of facing Paula in the Final Challenge?

By all accounts, it sounds as if CT wants to send in Johnny and Camila, while Diem wants to send in Paula and Dunbar. Before we talk about who they SHOULD send in, we need to talk about Diem’s rationale. She told CT that she is most concerned with Paula as a competitor. What?! Has she not watched any previous season of The Challenge? Paula is the weakest female left! What is Diem thinking here? Enlighten me.

Boston: I completely agree that this is a huge decision to make for CT and Diem and MTV did a great job of leaving us hanging as much as I hate it. As far as Diems rationale I think she is trying to convince CT any way possible to not throw Johnny in because she doesn’t want the target on her back unlike CT. I do not think that she actually thought Paula was a better competitor although you could make the case for her over Robin in my opinion.

Speaking of Robin, how come her and Mark were not mentioned by either CT or Diem and do you think there is a chance they might compromise and throw them in?

CT and Diem seem to be overlooking the obvious choice for The Dome

Kaplan: You just hit on my biggest problem with CT and Diem feuding over who to throw in. In my mind, this should be a slam dunk decision. The strongest bond in the house is clearly Johnny/Camila and Mark/Robin. If you want to survive to the finals in this game, you need to break up that alliance.

There is too great of a chance to send in Johnny and Camila and have them come back to the house. You burn that bridge completely. However, if you send in Mark and Robin, not only is there a great chance they don’t beat Ty and Emily, but you don’t disrupt whatever small amount of trust Johnny currently has with CT. I don’t think CT and Diem are dumb competitors, but they’re missing a prime opportunity here to grab control of this game by sending in Mark and Robin.
Boston: Greg I completely agree that they should throw in Mark and Robin for all of the reasons that you mentioned. You have a chance to break up that alliance as you mentioned and maybe just maybe there is a chance that Paula and Dunbar would stick to their word and not throw them in if they get the power couple next week. With all of this being said I do think that CT does owe Johnny because he has carried him this far. It was the first time CT and Diem were the power couple, but all the times that Johnny won he never even thought about sending in CT.

The way I see it though there really is not a great choice for them here because they either need to win the next week as well or hope that Ty and Emily win and that they do not come in last. No matter who they throw in I think that it could easily come back to haunt them. Now that we touched on who we think they should send in let’s get to who you think they will send in. Whose it going to be Greg?

Kaplan: If its not going to be Mark and Robin, and I still think there’s a small chance it will be, it’ll have to be Paula and Dunbar. That choice would appease the house. Nobody would be too angry with that selection except, of course, Paula and Dunbar.

The interesting thing for me is if Paula and Dunbar go in, I think they can beat Ty and Emily because their heads aren’t in the right place right now. That, and I don’t know if Ty would be able to stomach competing against the girl he is currently dating/sleeping with. I think, mentally, that would be the last straw for him and he’d cave like we both expected he would eventually do. What are your thoughts?
Boston: I think Ty and Emily could lose to any of the remaining teams especially with the fragile state of mind that Ty has at this point. I have this thought in my mind that it is going to be Mark and Robin going in next week. I do not think there is even a slight chance that it is Johnny and Camila going in and I definitely think it could be Paula and Dunbar because I can see CT giving into Diem to get on her good side some more. I still have to go with that thought in the back of my head though and say it is going to be Mark and Robin going in.

Since you think it is going to be Paula and Dunbar going in to face Ty and Emily, who do you think gets eliminated in that battle?

Kaplan: Honestly, I think the run is over for Ty and Emily. The dysfunction is too great. Ty is already an incredibly emotional player. Having to deal with all this Emily drama AND face off against Paula will put him over the edge.

That, and we’re forgetting Paula has a boyfriend back home. This fling is fun for her, but she’s here for the money, not Ty. She may crush him even more than Emily already has.
What do you think?
Boston: Unfortunately Greg I am going to have to agree with you. I just feel like they have been put to the test too much at this point and they have to wear down at some point and I think it is going to be next week. Ty is not completely in it at this point and I cannot see that turning around. One thing I am sure about is that next week is going to be intense because everyone knows they are all on the line now and they need to come out on top in the challenge. Should make for a fantastic hour of television.
Mike Aurigemma and Greg Kaplan are staff writers for TheWaiverWire