Bogut, Ellis Highlight Trade Between Warriors and Bucks

A back court of Monta Ellis and Brandon Jennings is something Bucks fans should be excited about.

According to ESPN, the Milwaukee Bucks traded away former number one pick Andrew Bogut and constant trade piece Stephen Jackson to the Golden State Warriors in exchange for one of the league’s best scorers in Monta Ellis, former number one pick Kwame Brown, and a player with potential in Ekpe Udoh.

Earlier this month I made predictions on players who I thought would or would not get traded. I said Ellis would not, so I guess I’m not off to a great start. To see my other predictions click here.

Back to the trade. I heard about these rumors earlier this week and was initially a bit confused. But after thinking about it a little more thoroughly, the trade makes sense to both teams.

What it means for the Bucks

The Bucks gets on of the league’s elite scorers in Monta Ellis and in a position they needed to fill. Stephen Jackson (when he’s been healthy enough to play) has disappointed, averaging just 10 points per contest, down significantly from his 18 points per game last season. So giving Brandon Jennings a running mate will give the Bucks the best offense that they have had in years.

Getting rid of Bogut won’t hurt the Bucks as much as it may look on the surface. He has been injured a lot, so they are already used to playing without him. Milwaukee has also received very solid production from its front court of Drew Gooden (who is somehow only 30 years old) and Ersan Ilyasova. They also pick up another big body in Udoh, who will help significantly in the more up-tempo pace I expect the Bucks to transition into. This trade could help the Bucks snatch a playoff seed in the Eastern Conference. Also, a back court of Ellis and Jennings is a nice core to build around going forward.

What it means for the Warriors

Andrew Bogut, Stephen Curry, and David Lee make the future for Golden State very promising.

Trading Ellis makes sense and here’s why: The Warriors aren’t a title contender right now, and won’t be in the next few years. Monta Ellis and Stephen Curry are very similar players, and while is Ellis is one of the league’s best scorers, he’s reached his ceiling while Curry has the potential to grow.

In return, the Warriors picked up a player who, when healthy, is a top five center in the league, both offensively and defensively who is still only 27 years old. Going forward, the Warriors suddenly have a core of Curry, David Lee, and Bogut, with high hopes for youngster Klay Thompson. While that certainly isn’t a team that can contend for a title, the future is much brighter for Golden State.

In Stephen Jackson, the Warriors receive someone who has already excelled for the organization in the past. Jackson is a player who can thrive off of one of the league’s best home courts, and perhaps, just perhaps, make a late push for a playoff spot.