Magic to discuss GM opening with Shaquille O’Neal

Can Shaq be back in Orlando?


I believe that was how everyone reacted when ESPN’s Chris Broussard broke the story regarding the Orlando Magic talking about bringnig back former star center Shaquille O’Neal as the team’s possible general manager. News also broke today that former Utah Jazz coach Jerry Sloan is “intrigued” by the head coaching openings with the Charlotte Bobcats and the Orlando Magic.

However, all of that is hidden by the fact that the Orlando Magic are entertaining the idea of Shaquille O’Neal as their general manager.

What qualifies Shaq as a GM? He’s the worst of three analysts on NBA on TNT behind Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith. I mean, organizations have appointed figure head GMs before that have splashy names, but not necessarily the background that qualifies them as GMs. Star players have made great GMs in the past, too, with Larry Bird, Jerry West, and Danny Ainge as some of the best.

But, Shaq?? This is so far out of left field it makes my brain hurt. I don’t know how bringing in Shaq will prove to Dwight Howard that this team is heading in the right direction. Does he even have the ability to evaluate talent accurately? None of this makes any sense!

It seems the team is a few months away from shipping Howard to the same team they moved Shaq on to in LA, and now they might bring in the guy they traded in similar fashion to pull of a clone trade?! I have no words beyond these.

I’ll allow Vinny Ginardi, our in-house Magic fan, to talk about this with a smidge of common sense.

For now, I’m just going to enjoy the headline and continue to try and wrap my mind around the possibility of Shaquille O’Neal running an organization.