Announcement: The Every Batman Ever Marathon

Hey there, loyal reader! As I’m sure you know, on top of my Waiver Wire duties I also write an exceedingly famous movie/television review blog called “Cresci Reviews…” because I’m a bit of a film geek. And since that blog is so overwhelmingly famous (seriously, the fan mail is suffocating) I’m sure you’ve read it and know I’m a huge fan of superheroes and fancy myself something of an amateur aficionado of superhero films (something you can explore via my pre-Avengers top ten list and my Waiver Wire piece on the genre).  This is a particularly great time to be a comic book movie nerd because we’re fresh on the heels of the Avengers release and rapidly approaching my most anticipated movies ever, The Dark Knight Rises.  On top of all my other aforementioned biases I’m a Christopher Nolan fan boy and Batman probably qualifies as my favorite superhero.  After searching for the appropriate way to write on this topic I realized something; people probably don’t want to read me simply saying “AHHH BATMAN! NOLAN! NERDGASM!”  Luckily, I’ve come up with a solution!

Starting on Wednesday (May 30th), The Waiver Wire will be a running my new 8 installment series, The Every Batman Ever Marathon!  I’ll be watching every Batman feature film ever made (starting with 1966’s Batman: The Movie) and breaking down all the Batsanity, including all of the crazed villains, bizarre make up, cheesy one liners and overabundance of spandex you crave.   There will be a new Batareview every Wednesday until the release of The Dark Knight Rises at which point I’ll be completely burnt out on The Caped Crusader, and you’ll have forgotten this announcement.  But in case you don’t, make sure to check every Wednesday for the newest article, and I encourage you to do the marathon with me and sound off in the comment section.  Holy Self Promotion, Batman!

Here’s the schedule. Click on the dates for the review you’d like to read!

Batman (1966): 5/30Batman (1989): 6/6;  Batman Returns (1992): 6/13Batman Forever (1995): 6/20Batman & Robin (1997): 6/27;  Batman Begins (2005): 7/4The Dark Knight (2008): 7/11Recap/Rankings: 7/18The Dark Knight Rises (2012): 7/25