Has Ray Allen Tarnished His Legacy as a Celtic?

Ray Allen has agreed to join the Miami Heat.

How fast one decision can make fans forget what a player meant to that team.

I have to agree that it will hurt to see Ray Allen in a Miami Heat uniform this coming season, but not so much to erase those memories he created for me.

Over the past couple of weeks so many people in the Boston area have been going back and forth on how they would welcome Ray back to Boston.  Some say cheer him for what he has accomplished here.  Others point to the fact that he is being disloyal and taking the easy way out.

People are quick to point out how Kevin Garnett did not even look into another option of playing for another team.  But did Garnett get offered six million per year or lose his starting role to an unproven second year player?

They are completely different situations, but they are also two different people.  Garnett is sometimes loyal to a fault as he was willing to waste his whole career away in Minnesota.  On the other hand, Ray had already played on a few other teams and understood the business side of the NBA.  And if he did not understand just how much of a business it was, I am pretty sure the last three years in Boston showed him that as he was mentioned in every trade possibility.

Yes you could say the same thing about Rajon Rondo or Paul Pierce, but were either of them actually called to let them know that they were being traded?  No. That only happened to Ray Allen when he was told he was being traded to the Memphis Grizzlies and then just seconds later welcomed back to Boston when the trade fell apart.

I would have to think that Allen does not want to go through that again.  So yes, it may seem like he is chasing a ring or taking the “if you can’t beat them then join them approach”, but to me he just wants to make sure this last time he signs with a team it WILL be his last stop.

This is why it is an easy answer to me that Allen has not tarnished his legacy as a  Celtic.  He helped bring back that championship pedigree that the Celtics had lost for so long.  Nothing he can do will ever change that fact so let’s remember and appreciate him for that.

But after that first introduction well then Ray, you will just be an enemy.