New York Mets Bullpen: A Call For Mutiny

I waited a solid 12+ hours before writing this post. I wanted to give the team every opportunity to do something, anything, in reaction to last night’s game.

They’ve decided to sit on their hands for now. So, I can no longer do the same.

Its time for the other 17 players on this New York Mets roster to mutiny against the bullpen. I say 17, because Jason Bay has no right saying anything, or being on a Major League roster himself.

The Mets bullpen is responsible for 19 losses this season. 19. 19! I understand even the best bullpen can’t lock down every game. Hell, before last night, Tyler Clippard was a perfect 14 for 14 in save opportunities since being named Nationals closer. Even Mariano Rivera has blown critical saves in his remarkable career. I know it is too much to ask for any bullpen to be perfect.

But, 19 losses! This is a team that in just about every other aspect has over-performed. The starting pitcher, sans the last week, has been tremendous. The offense has gotten above-expectation performances from the likes of Ruben Tejada, Jordany Valdespin, Scott Hairston and even David Wright. Add in the sudden spike in Ike Davis’ performance, and you have a potent line-up from 1-6 and 8. Again, I leave out the 7-hole because that’s where Jason Bay is, and he’s a freaking waste of space himself who, for the life of me, shouldn’t be seeing a baseball field at the Major Leagues right now.

You know what, though. Today, I’m actually not that pissed off with the individual pitchers that make up the Mets ‘pen. No. Right now, I’m most angry with Sandy Alderson and all the upper echelon talking heads that have a say in the day-to-day outlook of this team.

We’ve known since the word go that the Mets bullpen was going to be their weakest link. Alderson did what he thought was enough in the off-season to shore up the bullpen, which has clearly been proven to be too little. Even before the Mets current four-game losing streak and the six out of seven they’ve dropped, the bullpen has been a problem. When this team was 10 games over .500, this bullpen has been a problem.

I understand that the team needed to exhaust all internal options before looking outside the club for help. Truly, I do.


Don’t you dare tell me that Manny Acosta has corrected what troubled him earlier in the season and is ready to be a lock-down arm for the bullpen. Nice try. And don’t think for one second that I’m buying the “there are pitchers out there, but teams are asking for too much” argument either. You want me to come to the ballpark? Overspend. Show me you want to win as much as I do.

How bad is the Mets bullpen? I find myself begging for this team to re-acquire Francisco Rodriguez. Yeah, that bad. Before last night, I could’ve made an argument to save three or four heads from the chopping block and say they haven’t been apart of the problem.

But then, last night happened. Now I’m all about the clearance sales in the bullpen. Everything must go. I don’t care if the arms you bring in are Huston Street or Grant Balfour or Frankie Rodriguez or Rafael Betancourt or Todd Coffey. I don’t.

Anything is better than what we have right now. If the next batch of relievers fail, well, then that’s just bad luck. At least you gave the impression of trying.

Right now, its looking like the front office doesn’t care about the struggles. So, then, I ask you.

Why should we?