London Olympics 2012: Pick ‘Em Challenge, Day 3

The Summer Olympics in London are about to get underway tomorrow with the Opening Ceremonies. Well, to be fair, the games actually already started. Nevertheless!

Two of our writers, Greg Kaplan and Vinny Ginardi, and fellow Marist College grad and reigning Marist “Mr. Everything” Pete Rynkowski, have undertaken ESPN’s Pick ‘Em Challenge for the games this year, and will try to accurately predict just about every event at this years games, including Men’s Archery.

Some of the best events, the two have decided to share their picks with you and give you some advice and insight. As always, take what these two say with a grain of salt. They aren’t the same since they left college…

Day: 1 2

Women’s Basketball: USA vs. Angola – Pick ‘Em – USA wins by 30+ points vs. Any Other Result

PR: When I saw that the women’s basketball team was playing Angola, my only reaction was “where the hell is Angola??”  The US team should win this game by 50.

The Pick: USA wins by 30+

GK: Watching the USA v. Croatia game on Saturday, the only question I had…how is Brittney Griner not on this team? Is Geno holding that big of a grudge? I don’t know, but what I do know is Geno is going to be peeved after not dominating Croatia until late.

The Pick: USA wins by 30+

Men’s Swimming: 200m Freestyle – Pick ‘Em – Ryan Lochte wins gold vs. Any Other Result

PR: Lochte didn’t even get the best qualifying time for this event so I can’t pick him to win it.  If his name was Michael Phelps then maybe my pick would’ve changed but I don’t think he can pull this one off.

The Pick: Any Other Result

GK: I’ve picked against Ryan Lochte once, I’m not making that mistake again. There’s also this:

Clearly, Pete isn’t American.

The Pick: Ryan Lochte (USA)

Women’s Swimming: 100m backstroke – Pick ‘Em – Missy Franklin (USA) or Anastasia Zueva (RUS) wins gold v. Any Other Result

PR: Missy Franklin has the world record in the 200m backstroke so how hard can it be for her to take the 100m backstroke?  It’s the same race except easier.

The Pick: Missy Franklin (USA)

GK: These two represent 25% of the field. I like those odds. That, and Missy Franklin is a beast. AMERICA!

The Pick: Missy Franklin (USA)

Women’s Swimming: 100m breaststroke – Pick ‘Em – USA wins 2 or more medals vs. USA wins 1 or less medals

PR: I found it very strange that the option for this was the US winning 2 medals OR MORE because there are only 2 US swimmers participating in the women’s breaststroke.  Fortunately those 2 swimmers are the best breaststrokers (say that 5 times fast) in the world so I have no doubt they will each medal.

The Pick: 2 or more medals

GK: Semantics, Pete! The United States is so good at the breast stroke that one of their swimmers is going to lap the field to take home the gold and the silver, while the other picks up the bronze. Didn’t you know this? Were you included on the e-mails?

The Pick: 2 or more medals

Men’s Gymnastics: What will the result be? USA Wins Medal vs. USA Doesn’t Medal

PR: If you can do this, you can medal.

The Pick: USA Medals

GK: Uh…that’s hard to argue with, Pete.

The Pick: USA Medals

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