London Olympics 2012: Pick ‘Em Challenge, Day 4

The Summer Olympics in London are about to get underway tomorrow with the Opening Ceremonies. Well, to be fair, the games actually already started. Nevertheless!

Two of our writers, Greg Kaplan and Vinny Ginardi, and fellow Marist College grad and reigning Marist “Mr. Everything” Pete Rynkowski, have undertaken ESPN’s Pick ‘Em Challenge for the games this year, and will try to accurately predict just about every event at this years games, including Men’s Archery.

Some of the best events, the two have decided to share their picks with you and give you some advice and insight. As always, take what these two say with a grain of salt. They aren’t the same since they left college…

Day: 1 2 3

Women’s Gymnastics: Team All-Around – USA Wins Gold vs. Any Other Country

PR: AMERICA!!!! As Kaplan has repeatedly said and will continue to say throughout this Olympics.  But our gymnastics team is insanely good.  I actually watched some of the gymnastics when the US was on and they were too good to lose.  The announcers kept talking about how our team’s worst performance that was going to get thrown out was going to be better than any of the competitors.  I’ll stick with the experts on this one… along with American pride.

The Pick: USA Wins Gold

GK: You’re damn right, Pete! If there’s anything I’ve learned in my 23 years on this Earth, it’s that you never, EVER, mess with pissed off teenage girls. The Olympic rules will have Jordyn Wieber on a freaking mission, and you’re going to tell me you want to get between McKayla Maroney and her vault?

Yeah, OK World. Good luck.

The Pick: USA Wins Gold

Men’s Basketball – USA vs. Tunisia – USA wins by 35+ vs. Any Other Result

PR: Similar to my feeling about the women’s basketball pick, where the hell is Tunisia?  They have basketball there?  This might be the first ever shutout in the history of basketball.

The Pick: USA Wins by 35+

GK: I call this one: “Team USA prepares for Tunisia”.

The Pick: USA Wins by 35+

Women’s Soccer: USA vs. North Korea – USA Wins by 3+ Goals vs. Any Other Result

PR: This US women’s soccer team is something special and will not encounter any real competition until they reach the medal rounds or very close to the medal rounds.  They will win this by at least 5.

The Pick: USA Wins by 3+ goals

GK: 3 goals are a lot to win by for any soccer team. I can only imagine that the higher ups in North Korea have threatened to put every member of the soccer team into exile if they don’t make a game out of this. Literally threaten the families type of stuff. So, USA will win, but by 3? I don’t know.

The Pick: Any Other Result

Men’s Swimming: 200m Butterfly – Michael Phelps (USA) wins gold vs. Any Other Competitor

PR: Every person in the world knows why I don’t have to give any explanation for making this pick.

The Pick: Michael Phelps (USA)

GK: Kinda looks terrifying, right? Like, you wouldn’t want that bearing down on you in a pool/bathtub/lawn sprinkler/ocean, right?

The Pick: Michael Phelps (USA)

Men’s Swimming: 4x200m Freestyle – What Will the event result be? USA wins gold AND France wins silver vs. Any Other Result

PR: I am not picking against America by any means because they will win this event.  I just don’t trust the French to hold up their end of the bargain.

The Pick: Any Other Result

GK: I’ve never trust the French in my entire life. Why should I start now? Je’n sais pas. (I’ve learned your language…beware…)

The Pick: Any Other Result

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