London Olympics 2012: Pick ‘Em Challenge, Day 5

The Summer Olympics are underway! More so than ever, since the majority of events happen and we’re lead to believe nothing is final until 8pm every night…

Two of our writers, Greg Kaplan and Vinny Ginardi, and fellow Marist College grad and reigning Marist “Mr. Everything” Pete Rynkowski, have undertaken ESPN’s Pick ‘Em Challenge for the games this year, and will try to accurately predict just about every event at this years games, including Men’s Archery.

Some of the best events, the two have decided to share their picks with you and give you some advice and insight. As always, take what these two say with a grain of salt. They aren’t the same since they left college…

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Men’s Rowing – Germany Wins Gold vs. Any Other Country

Vinny Ginardi: 

According to the always reliable Wikipedia, “Row, Row, Row, Your Boat” is an English language nursery rhyme. Sorry, Germany, but an English-speaking country is taking this one.

The Pick: Any Other Country


Hard to take a team seriously when this picture exists. Therefore, I won’t take you seriously. So, there!

The Pick: Any Other Country

Pete Rynkowski: The Germans are beasts at rowing.  I watched them yesterday obliterate the field in the four men race.  I don’t think any team, besides the US of course, stands a chance.

The Pick: Germany

Men’s Canoe: Kayak (K-1) Slalom – The gold medalist’s winning score will be 86.99 or less vs. 87.00 or more

VG: Some things I will never understand. Such as why we chose this event as part of our post or how this video has gotten almost 250 million views:

The Pick: 87.00 or more

GK: I picked it Vinny because it needed our expertise. I thought that was self evident. I’ve actually watched a lot of this so far, and it is absolutely nuts. I can tell you that 86.99 is a crazy score, considering just about everyone has been around the 90 range due to a penalty. I’m going to say that’s where this will end up for the men. Still, pretty fun to watch, check it out.

The Pick: 87.00 or more

PR: Someone beat it already in qualifying for the finals and the finals are where everyone steps up so someone will beat 87 again.

The Pick: 86.99 or less

Men’s Swimming: 100m Freestyle – James Magnussen (Australia) wins gold vs. Any Other Competitor


His nickname is The Missile! That just seems unfair!

The Pick: James “The Missile” Magnussen (AUS)

GK: …Yeah that’s hard to argue with.

The Pick: James Magnussen (AUS)

PR: This is a no brainer, Magnussen didn’t even have the best time to qualify for the finals.  Plus he isn’t American.

The Pick: Any Other Competitor

Men’s Gymnastics: Individual All-Around – USA wins Gold, Silver, or Medal vs. USA doesn’t medal

VG: How can you pick against the USA after seeing Will Ferrell do this?

The Pick: USA wins Gold, Silver, or Bronze

GK: I swear, if Al Trautwig talks about this dude’s “rhythmic clapping” one more time during a men’s gymnastics event, I might lose it. Even still, this guy is so intense, I can’t see how he doesn’t scare his son into at least a bronze.

The Pick: USA wins Gold, Silver or Bronze

PR: I don’t really have any rationale behind this pick because the pick confuses me.  Does it mean people on the US team competing or people competing against the US team?  Either way, I’m sure someone on the US will medal and probably someone we compete against so to be honest it wouldn’t change my pick.  Hmm… I guess I do have some rationale behind this.

The Pick: USA wins Gold, Silver or Bronze