Real World: St. Thomas Episode 6 Discussion

In what will become a weekly edition to TheWavierWire, Mike Aurigemma and Jeff Balinski will sit down and discuss what happened in the previous night’s episode of The Real World: St. Thomas.

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Jeff Balinski:  To quote Pat Dillon quoting some guy at Darby’s, “shit just got real”. Last night’s Real World stepped up this season’s game yet again. Maybe it wasn’t in the way that we wanted  with all hell breaking loose, but it set up some serious storylines that are sure to deliver. We now have 2 simultaneous ‘ass back home’ storylines (which have now both become equally interesting) and a recently sober Brandon who is sure to fall off the wagon. Brandon’s storyline this episode left some things to be wanted, but it will definitely be interesting to see how he handles sobriety, especially around Marie. I think we should save the Trey and Laura stuff for last. So why don’t you let me know your feelings on the Robb and Marie situation. Do you think Emily should still come visit? Is Robb playing Marie? He’s in a tough situation, I’d like to get your take on it.

Mike Aurigemma:   This episode definitely should help elevate this season going forward as I think Robb and Marie are two of the more powerful people on the show.  They will definitely collide now at some point and will up the ante for sure.

Robb is in a really tough situation, but in my opinion with these shows the cast members should never give up a girl back home for someone on the show.  I just do not think that those type of things ever work out in the end.  How many people are still together after hooking up on the Real World?  Danny and Melinda were for a while, but that is over now.  With that being said I do think that Robb should still have Emily come, but I just think that he is doing it for all of the wrong reasons.  I think him and Marie love playing games with people and he wants to get the upper hand and shove Emily in Marie’s face.  Also Robb and Emily have barely been together for a while and she has already gone ahead and hooked up with someone else.  This is why I feel Robb might be the one getting played by Emily and this might be one of the rare occasions where it might be better to stick with the girl from the show instead of back home. 

How do you see Marie handling this situation?  She acts completely like a guy, but can she keep her emotions for Robb in check throughout the whole show?

JB:  You made my point for me. Robb met Emily only 3 weeks before coming on the show. AND she’s hooked up with someone else. Which leads to my next question…why is he still talking to her? He seems to really care about Marie a lot. So, why ruin that with her coming to visit? Then again, we haven’t seen what Emily looks like.

I get what you’re saying about the success of relationships on the show, but I like Robb and Marie together. Here’s how I feel it’s been handled poorly. They got too cute too fast. To the point where it’s like they’re a couple, but they’re not really a couple. This creates the problem that they’re in now. If they both feel the way they act towards each other, then what Robb should do is give Marie an ultimatum. I think he should either make it so they’re just flirty and Em can still come, but if they’re going to be a serious thing (which is what it seems they both want) then he’ll tell Emily not to come. But of course this won’t happen. Partially because Robb has a penis (I assume), and partially because he’s afraid Marie doesn’t want to commit in the same way he does. The whole situation is very tricky. I think Marie is just upset and trying to distance herself from being hurt. She seems very spiteful, which I like. But also Robb shouldn’t be two timing her. I mean, who is he? Trey?

Speaking of Trey, how about that phone call? Let’s put the dumb jealousy stuff from the bar aside, and have some real talk for a second. When he was in the middle of the phone call, I went from laying down on my couch to the edge of my seat like it was the 4th quarter of game 7. What was your reaction to the bomb that just got dropped on Trey?

Who else might be visiting Trey along with Emily? His child? We will have to see.

MA:   I was literally stunned as that conversation was taking place.  I was almost ready to change the channel as I did not want to hear Trey talk to his sweetheart at all, but then the bomb was dropped and the season got a whole lot more interesting. 

It was such a weird situation that I feel came out of nowhere.  I have to imagine that he knew there was a chance that it could happen, but not once throughout the season did I get that vibe from him.  Unless him wanting to clean the house was really just him preparing to be a stay at home dad there was no sort of signal that this was going on back home. 

This new developing situation or child (however you want to explain it) will throw a huge wrench into the rest of the season and was something that really got me jacked up.  What does he do with Laura now?  How long can he hold this secret in for?  What is the girl back home thinking about this situation?  How is he going to handle this while still being part of the show?  These were a bunch of questions that went through my head and I all of a sudden could not wait to see how this played out.  Finally a storyline that will shake up the whole house for sure.

I want to hear how you think this will end up playing out for him and what this means to his relationship with Laura.

JB:  I officially think that Trey is just a huge jerk. Unless there is some creative editing going on, it appears that he has the conversation with Laura (with the pirate hat on) that they could still be an item AFTER he hears that he could be the father of Chelsea’s child. What is going through his head? Why would you stay on the show if you just found out your girl back home is knocked up? I’m not saying you have to tell everybody, it’s obviously a very personal thing, especially to Chelsea, who’s business is now being broadcast to all the MTV viewers, but maybe you should consider leaving the show to handle your responsibilities. If not for your girl or child, then for all of us who have to watch you on TV every week.

That one phone call absolutely changes everything. Trey’s actions from here out are going to be very critical. What did Chelsea mean by “I know how you feel about it”? Why is she afraid of telling him? Has this happened with them before? I feel like I’m now watching LOST with all these questions that I have. This season is becoming much more enjoyable to watch, episode by episode. The “this season on” segments also have a lot of promise, it looks like we have a lot of cigarette burns, face punches, and arguments coming our way, and all I can say is I am excited.

MA: I have to say that the way Trey handled it was different from what we usually see some people do on the Real World.  If something happens back home then the first thing they do is go tell everyone else in the house and go looking for attention immediately.  This was definitely a surprise as I thought Trey seemed like that kind of guy so I have to give him some respect for that at least.  Definitely a situation to keep an eye on moving forward.

I absolutely love the LOST analogy that you used here.  I am actually looking forward to getting some answers in the rest of the season.  I do not think that I have said that about a season of the Real World in a long time either. Things starting to look up for this season.

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  1. I think trey a fucking loser .I think he just keeping her on the go cuz he has a problem getting women an he noes that she will keep coming back so he keep acting like she fucking with his head but really he’s fucking with hers i think the guy in the bar was way hotter and that’s why trey got so mad cuz he knew that guy was better then him he doesnt even have the right to get mad he the one making it not offical with laura he just wants to act like a player with 2 girls on the go.I think laura should ditch that loser she can get way better

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