Real World: St. Thomas Episode 7 Discussion

In what will become a weekly edition to TheWavierWire, Mike Aurigemma and Jeff Balinski will sit down and discuss what happened in the previous night’s episode of The Real World: St. Thomas.

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Mike Aurigemma:  Last night’s episode changed my thoughts on how the Real World has been over the past couple seasons.  This episode literally had everything I wanted in this show.  There was the drama at the house between Swift and Marie with Robb almost getting involved as well.  I am sure we will touch on that as we discuss this episode. 
One of the other highlights of this episode came out a bar involving a local.  Those are almost always extremely entertaining and Trey just made it even better.  So Laura met some guy out a bar got his number clearly did not plan on using it and told Trey about it all after Marie had already ratted her out (Staten Island Snitch).  Then the next night she sees him out again and out of nowhere Trey takes a ride over on the boat by himself and shows up at the same club.  Everything was fine until Laura made sure that she said goodbye to her new boy Eric.  Trey was pissed off and unfortunately the local just played it all off because things could have quickly escalated since Trey was somehow hammered already, which I still do not know how.  I mean was he pregaming before the boat ride, I just do not get it.

Trey definitely wants everything.  He wants to be able to keep Laura around, but also still have his baby momma back home as well.  Laura was doing what she should be doing, but she clearly has feelings for Trey so she does not want to jeopardize anything.  There is no way that this ends up going well for all of those involved.
What are your thoughts on how Trey handled everything?  When is he going to come clean about the baby back home?  I mean no mention of that at all in this episode.  Incredible.

Jeff Balinski:  This Trey and Laura situation has absolutely zero (−273.15° C, −459.67° F, 0° K) sense to me. Let me break down the options of how this should work out:

Option A: Laura and Trey have an “open” relationship where they frequently hook up with each other but are not exclusive. They are free to have “girls back home” or mess around with those they meet on a night to night basis.

Option B: Laura and Trey are in a relationship. This is pretty self-explanatory. They both want to be with each other. They might take it slow, but they’re not screwing around with or talking to anybody else in a romantic manner during the process.

Option C: Laura and Trey are not in a relationship. Enough said.

Here’s how it is working out:

Secret option D: Trey has somehow manipulated the situation into a combination of Options A & B where Laura is in a relationship with him, but he is in an open relationship with her.

This brings me to the conclusion that Trey is some sort of magical pirate. I assume he gets his powers from the hat that he seems to be wearing 90% of the time. He has brainwashed Laura to believe that this is an okay situation to be in. She thinks it is perfectly fine for him to be pissed at her for saying goodnight to some guy at the bar, when he still has a girl back home. Makes total sense. 

Regarding the whole alleged pregnancy situation: I pray that this is some sort of creative editing on the part of the show. Otherwise, Trey is the biggest douche in the world. If he is staying on this show and acting like this toward Laura while he has a potential child coming his way, he is one of the worst people on television. I really hope that all of this stuff is happening before he found out about Chelsea’s situation.

You bring up a good point about Trey heading to the bar. This is a really fishy move. I feel like we’re seeing the hand of the producers stirring the pot a little bit. Like they said to Trey “Hey bro, your girl is at the bar without you. You’re just going to sit here? You should totally go check on her”. I feel like they did this after his phone call with Chelsea when Brandon came to talk to him in the yard and knew all the right questions to ask without hearing one second of his phone call.

MA:  I have always wondered if the producers of the show got involved in situations like that where they did decide to stir the pot. That could easily be the case here as they definitely want to create more drama.

Trey really must be a wizard of some sort because what he is doing now is just magical. Although we are definitely starting to see a funner side from Laura as she has been going out more and more. And she was definitely getting into it with Eric at the bar so I can see her drifting from Trey as the season goes on and there is no resolution to their situation.

The Swift and Marie drama also stemmed from that situation and it was great to finally see people in the house clash like that. Swift got into it with La Toya, but they are friends so they easily got over it. There definitely seems to be tension there and an understanding that their personalities do not match up well.

One thing I did not agree with Marie on throughout the argument was how she thought Swift was fake and phony. That is definitely not a vibe that I get from him. He seems to be pretty genuine when talking to Laura in this episode and when talking to Brandon in some previous ones as well.

What did you think about their whole argument?  Also what about Robb stepping in to try to defend his girl.

JB:  The Swift/Marie argument I find to be completely stupid. Again it seems like the producers knew Marie and him were fighting so they told him to go sit outside. Brandon’s comment about how Swift has probably never sat in that chair before was exceptional. 

Swift says he considers Laura’s love for Trey to be unconditional. Technically, he is correct. No matter what Trey does or says to Laura, she will love him. I DON’T GET IT.I would much rather prefer a woman who has self-respect over someone who lets me treat them like shit. Then again, this probably shows what Swift thinks about women in general.

Robb is so close to knocking it out of the park with Marie, but seems to be his own worst enemy. I’m not really sure if he is afraid to tell her how he feels. When asked up front, he says that she didn’t factor into him telling Emily not to visit. I hope he just doesn’t want to be vulnerable, but I can definitely see Max’s return to St. Thomas as the reason for Robb’s self abuse. Marie’s “Max hasn’t given me a reason to tell him not to come” logic is flawless and she has a right to be mad at Robb’s reasoning.

Who is playing who?

MA:  I think you may be right when you say that the reason for Robb’s abuse might be because of Max.  He might come to realize that with Marie shoving that in his face that he should have let Emily come down instead of just him being the one getting hurt. 
Marie always seems to be talking about playing games when to me she is definitely playing one with Robb.  She wants to always have the upper hand in the situation and really goes about everything in a strategic way to make sure she knows where she stands.
One thing I am still disappointed in is how little they have been going out, getting drunk and hooking up with locals.  I think the hooking up with locals time might have passed for people like Laura, Trey and Robb as they seem to be committed.  And the Swift and La Toya situation is probably holding them back too.  It looks like it might be up to Brandon and Marie, but with Brandon trying to quit drinking he seems to be moving out of the party scene.  Might be all up to your girl Marie in the end and I think she will deliver.

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  1. You say that Robb was only with Emily for three weeks, but he’s known Marie for an even shorter amount of time. Their situation is what’s really ridiculous and they’re both obnoxious. I feel bad for Max being used by Marie for the sake of her stupid mind games(unless of course he’s using her for camera time) and for Emily considering Robb is a major hypocrite who was all up on Marie from the first day.

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