The Newsroom, Season 1 Episode 8 Discussion

Throughout the first season of HBO’s new series The Newsroom, a few of our writers will analyze and discuss each episode in detail. Beware of spoilers.

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Vinny Ginardi: Finally! A narrative that will stretch over multiple episodes!

I’ve been back and forth on this series thus far, and I’m not sure if the longer narrative will prove to be successful, but I’m glad that the writers took a risk. Storylines that stretch over multiple episodes or seasons tend to be more captivating and produce a much higher level of “I can’t wait until next week” feel. I mentioned last week that The Newsroom had begun to become a bit too formulaic for my liking, so I’m hoping that this will be a refreshing change.

Overall, I thought that this was one of the strongest episodes that we have seen in a while. The phone hacking plot and the whole idea of Charlie having a Deep Throat-like source has piqued my interest and the screaming exchange between Mackenzie and Sloan was one of the best scenes that we have seen in the series. Hopefully the last two episodes will bring us to a strong finish.

Mike Aurigemma:  I really could not agree more on this last episode finally giving me a feeling that a storyline will make me want to see what happens in the next week.  My father was the one who brought it up to me how the episodes really do not leave you hanging at all.  He thought of it as a good thing whereas I see it as a bad thing for a show.  I like shows where I cannot just watch an episode in the middle of the season and understand the whole premise of what is going on.  This is why I tend to stay away from shows like Law and Order or CSIThe Newsroom may have avoided feeling like one of those shows as I finally feel it reeled me in.

The idea of Charlie having a source that will be able to give him some leverage is perfect as I really did not see this ending very well for Mackenzie and Will.  Now there is a new twist and I think it is a perfect time to implement this into the show.  You could tell that Will was startinig to break on the idea of the new show and had to give in, but the source that Charlie has will help them in the long run.  This show has to go out and finish up strong now if it wants to keep the audience it has.