Real World: St. Thomas Episode 8 Discussion

In what will become a weekly edition to TheWavierWire, Mike Aurigemma and Jeff Balinski will sit down and discuss what happened in the previous night’s episode of The Real World: St. Thomas.

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Mike Aurigemma: As I was watching through this episode one quick question came through my head; could this sneakily be the most messed up cast that we have seen on The Real World.  I mean how is it possible that Brandon has become the voice of reason in the house.  He is literally the on now trying to help people and fix their problems for them.  That is how messed up this whole cast is at this point.  Marie is slowly starting to develop a drinking problem and push the one person she has feelings for away from her in Robb.  She has literally just become a drunken mess on this show.  Then there is Robb who clearly has some serious issues as he seems so relaxed and laid back, but then goes out and burns himself with cigarettes and punches himself in the face.  Then there is Trey who is so hypocritical it is insane and he just blow off the whole ordeal of having a kid back home and then getting an abortion like it was nothing.  I mean really it seemed like it was barely on his mind and then all of a sudden the situation was over.  Laura is another one who sneakily has a party side to her that is being held in by Trey basically.  I mean did you see her in that sex shop, you know she has a wild side that is going to come out at some point.  Then so far at this point Swift and La Toya are just there, but something has to come up with them too.

I will let you go ahead and breakdown some things that you noticed in the episode, I just really feel this is an underrated cast.  They all literally are insane and have some huge issues going on in their lives.  Will definitely be interesting to see how these all play out and if they will be a regular storyline throughout the season.

Jeff Balinski:  I completely agree that this is a sneaky good underdog season. I wouldn’t necessarily say that its “underrated” because that rating is usually based off of all the loud fighting and drinking and sexing and other drama that comes with the real world. This season is not about that kind of drama. I don’t know if the fact that they live on an island is affecting this, but the conflict this season is much more internal than it is external. I don’t know how that makes everyone else feel, but I think it makes the show I’m watching feel more real. My life doesn’t frequently come into contact with drunk people yelling at and having sex with people they live with. However, my life does frequently involve worry about my relationships with other people, feeling alone, being stressed about things I can’t control, and stressing even more about the things I can. I really enjoy watching these cast members because I can really understand what they are going through.

That being said, Trey might be one of the worst human beings on television. It is incredibly frustrating to watch him do anything. I am completely convinced that he has never had fun at any point in his life. He’s not fun when he’s sober. He’s not fun when he’s drunk. He does whatever he wants while treating his women like shit. He’s mad at Chelsea for thinking (that’s right, THINKING) about going out and possibly going on a date, but then gets even madder when she points out that he’s been hooking up with Laura. He said if she went on a date that they were done. I DON’T GET THIS! Why does he get to do whatever he wants? I can’t even talk about this anymore because its making me physically sick, but one last point about Laura. She knows the situation she’s in and keeps doing it. What does she see in Trey? I don’t know. I think it’s more of a confidence thing, like nobody ever told her she was pretty growing up so she falls for any guy that says the words.

Marie may or may not have a drinking problem. Through some nice editing we see her pouring a Bloody Mary at 10am or so. I honestly don’t see this as a downward spiral kind of thing. All I’ve seen when Marie is drunk is be a hilarious smartass and maybe a little sloppy (and maybe not give drunk Robb the attention he wants). What I haven’t seen Marie do when she is drunk is vomit, break stuff, hurt herself, fall down, pass out in places other than her bed. Just because she likes to drink a lot does not mean she has a drinking problem. She’s on the fucking real world. Her most hated drunk moment from her roommates came with swift when she told Laura how she feels about her and Trey. Fast forward to this week when Marie and La Toya have the same exact convo with Laura in the pool an all is fine. (btw most use ever gotten out of a Real World house pool. I blame the island).

I honestly don’t have any thoughts about Robb’s self destructive behavior. It doesn’t seem to be at the point where he is seriously going to hurt himself, but I hope Brandon can keep a watchful eye. I can also watch him punch himself in the head for hours on end. He is a fucking pro. I thought he would probably go with a series of quick short jabs at the side of his head. Instead, he goes for the full sit-down windup, and completely explodes his fist into his eye. He seems to have truly perfected the art of punching yourself in the face.

MA:  I completely agree with your feelings on Trey as he is just an awful person to watch.  Sometimes I try to rationalize what he is doing in my mind because I want to think he is just  really dumb, but a nice person and does not realize what he is doing, but I gave up with that now.  He is just an awful person to have on the show and really does not seem to have a good relationship with anyone in the house.  Like when Brandon was talking to him about the whole Robb situation and Brandon was genuinely concerned, I could tell that Trey was probably not even paying attention.  Just really disappointing to watch him go on like this now.

As of now I think that Robb does have everything under control, but is everything really that bad with Marie right now.  If he is like this now, what is he going to do when Max is around and hanging out with Marie.  It is definitely something to keep an eye on going forward.
One thing I have been disappointed in so far this season is the fact that we very rarely see the whole house go out together.  I mean there were those times when just Swift went out with the girls and we saw in this episode that one time that just Robb and Marie went out.  I do not know if maybe it is because they have to take a boat to the bars that sometimes some people do not want to deal with that.  That is probably my one complaint about this cast as of now.  I think that Brandon not drinking definitely impacts that as well.  But at some point he has to break doesn’t he.  He is going to want to really let loose at some point right?

JB:  Brandon’s breaking is not really what intrigues me. I don’t really want to root for his life to fall apart. He doesn’t act like enough of an asshole that I want bad things to happen to him. Trey on the other hand…

I just want this group to let loose and have a good time and do ridiculous things that don’t include pranks or arguing about sea urchins or wearing a pirate hat or being one of the worst people to ever exist. As TJ Lavin would say, I want them to “Kill It” while they still have time left on this island. My DVR cut off before I could see a preview of next week and we’re almost a week behind on this post so I say let’s go where the wind takes us this season. (Marie and Laura as drinking buddies is what I am hoping for).

One thought on “Real World: St. Thomas Episode 8 Discussion

  1. How can you not call Marie out on her shitty behavior as well? She was all over Robb last week to say that his feelings for her were the reason why he told Emily to not visit, he ends up telling her that she’s the only one he wants, and now she’s acting like she doesn’t want to have anything to do with him. She just wanted the validation, and once she got it she’s apparently done. Not that I really care about Robb’s feelings, the self-harming is an issue that should be addressed, but him getting played by Marie feels like karma for how he treated Emily. He’s going to regret not forgiving her because of girl he knew even less.

    And yes, Trey is obviously scum and Laura really needs someone to snap her out of the spell he has over her. He’s being abusive and he’s taking advantage of her being weak.

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