Real World: St. Thomas Episode 9 Discussion

In what will become a weekly edition to TheWavierWire, Mike Aurigemma and Jeff Balinski will sit down and discuss what happened in the previous night’s episode of The Real World: St. Thomas.

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Mike Aurigemma:  Okay so we had a lot of in-house drama going on last night. It seemed like there was another argument every minute.

One thing I want to quickly go over is how Swift brought those two girls home and Laura yelled at them for being too loud. This is really the first time we have seen this happen and I cannot believe the roommates had already had enough and told the girl to be quiet. Every other season it takes more than just one time before someone makes a complaint about a visitor being too loud.

Now onto some of the drama. I know you have defended Marie at times and everyone clearly has issues in the house including her, but what she is doing with Robb is over the top. She is telling him not to listen to everyone else, but be a bitch and listen to her. I think that is extremely hypocritical of her to do and originally the guys were talking to Robb about something that is an issue and not just the fact that he drinks too much. No need for her to react that way. I would also call her shallow for acting towards Fillipo the way she does because it is all about the money, but I give her the benefit of the doubt because I think she is joking around with him.

I will let you give your take on Marie and also talk about Swift who is also is the wrong with the way he acts towards women as was pointed out.

Jeff Balinski:  The episode this week has completely changed my feelings about this season of the Real World. I had, as Petey would say to coach Boone, “ZERO FUN SIR”. I don’t know what television show these people think they are filming. Since when is The Real World about taking our lives as seriously as possible? No drinking, no sex, worried about relationships every second, trying to go to bed early so they can wake up for work. WHAT SHOW AM I WATCHING? WHY IS THIS ON TV? Nothing has made me want The Challenge to be here sooner, especially since finding out what the cast is going to be like, but maybe we’ll be doing a preview for that in the near future.

Here’s my list of the cast in order of biggest asshole to smallest asshole (aka smallest dick to biggest dick):
1.Trey-for just being an awful human towards everyone and having no fun.
2.Swift-For being full of himself and I believe (totally making this up) the leader in most arguments while banging your hands together.
3.Marie- for being a slightly more entertaining person than Swift.
4.La Toya- for lecturing everyone on anything they do. Also, for letting Swift get it in.
5. Brandon, Laura, Robb- For doing nothing too horrible in particular other than being self-deprecating most of the time.

I don’t really understand Swift’s motivation for bringing the girls. First off, this whole gay joke stuff is extremely immature on everyone’s part. Trey, the man who wears dresses and makeup, is the one to start these
“jokes”, or course. Swift, as an insecure person, overreacts in the worst way. Let me clarify that both calling someone gay as an insult, and justifying that insult by reacting to it, make you bad people (see 1&2 on the list). La Toya gets off the hook a little for this because I think she’s just laughing at Swift being pissed off rather than thinking he’s gay. All in all, this nonsense needs to stop. So apparently Swift brings these girls over to prove he’s not gay? I think? Brandon stands idly by in the hopes of an OTPHJ from the friend. The girls are loud and half-naked and cold in a pool and Swift disappears to get a towel and be a jerk. I’m interested to know how long he actually left this girl in the pool before Brandon offered his shirt. Also, I really wanted to see Brandon swipe Swift’s girl.

Because Swift doesn’t get it in, Marie is even more upset that her sleep was disrupted. She is absolutely shallow enough to want Fillipo for his money. That’s not to say Robb doesn’t have a chance, but she doesn’t know what she
wants and apparently goes from relationship to relationship with the attention span of a goldfish. The argument between Marie and Swift is boring, petty, and a waste of my time. Nothing good is happening in this house. Aren’t these people trying to have a good time? Why aren’t people trying to bring strangers back to the house more often. I could not be more disappointed with how this season is turning out.

MA:  I would have to agree with your ranking and how this season has turned.  I thought we were turning a corner, but I just feel like this cast is not into the fun and going out that we have seen from some of the past casts. 

Your list of the worst people is really perfect and Trey is a huge douchebag.  You could tell when Swift and Brandon were trying to help Robb out that Trey could care less about the whole situation.  Just a completely selfish person in general.

I liked Swift trying to bring girls back home and I think the show needs more of that.  He was trying to go out and make a statement, but it completely blew up in his face and I was hoping Brandon pulled the robbery on them with the way Swift was acting.  Swift is always going around trying to drop Marie or La Toya a level, but he would never do that to Trey who clearly needs it the most. 

The last thing that I wanted to touch on was the La Toya and Swift relationship.  They clearly are close with the way they act towards each other and how they seem to get past all of the fighting so quick.  I think they did hook up unless this is just the producers literally telling Swift to make up this story.  I do not know what he really gains from this and why he would clearly call her out and immediately say that reason.  Also La Toya seemed a little lost for words when Swift brought it up in front of Robb and Marie.  What do you think?  Who is telling the truth?  And give me something to look forward to next week.

JB:  I thought La Toya confirmed it in her confessional. But maybe that was me drawing conclusions. Either way I really don’t care what actually happened. It really makes no difference to me who wins the argument.

I don’t really want to get too much into Challenge talk, but it was revealed that this new season is going to be a Battle of the Seasons. I believe in my first recap for this season that I talked about it just being a kind of drafting pool. And lo and behold, four of these cast members (Trey, Laura, Marie, Robb) will be representing St. Thomas in the Challenge. Does this make me some kind of genius? Yes. Yes it does.

MA:  Genius?  I don’t know if I am willing to go that far yet.  Although I am interested to see how The Challenge plays out, but that is a discussion for another day.