Sons of Anarchy Season 5 Preview

Throughout the fifth season of Sons of Anarchy, Mike Aurigemma will take an in-depth look at the show. As always, beware of spoilers.

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After a crazy fourth season that left so many of us hardcore Sons of Anarchy fans wondering which direction the show would go there is only one thing we know for sure and that is that this will not be the final season.  SOA has been renewed for a sixth season and are looking to wrap it all up in a seventh and final one.  This really had me wondering what steps the show would be taking in this coming season.

One thing we know is that Jax will be taking over the role of leader from Clay.  This is a big shift from what we have originally been watching over the previous seasons.  Clay was always the man who had all of the power and could go about business the way he wanted it.  Will Clay still have the same personality that we are used to seeing?  How will Jax act as a leader? Can they both coexist together or will one of them have to be eliminated from the picture soon?  These are only a few of the questions coming into this season, but definitely shows us that we should be ready for another amazing one.

How will Jax respond with everyone looking at him for answers?

Jax made the call to keep Clay around even after he figured out what kind of man Clay had become.  From his perspective maybe he realized that he needed him and was not going to be able to run the whole organization without some influence from Clay.  I think we will be in for another season of ups and downs between these two as they will definitely have their fair share of battles, but will also need to put everything aside at times for the good of the club.  There is no way that Clay is going to all of a sudden become a changed man and not be the power-hungry character that we are used to watching on a weekly basis.  This should make for some very entertaining television and we could start to see a clear line in the sand on where some people’s alliances fall.  Will Tig continue to do anything that Clay asks of him?  How is Opie going to respond after Jax let Clay live?  There is definitely going to be a lot more inner turmoil amongst the club, but we will definitely see times where the club has to deal with another enemy.

With the regular cast coming back it is always interesting to see who else will have a role in the coming season.  We have seen actors from Tom Arnold and David Hasslehoff appear on the show for multiple episodes and it looks like they have another list of intriguing actors joining the show.  It starts off with one of my favorites from LOST and that will be actor Harold Perrineau.  He has been casted as David Pope,  the ex-drug kingpin whose daughter was murdered by Tig in the Season 4 finale.  This will surely not help ease Jax into the role of leader as he will immediately be tested by an outside gang.  Also joining the cast will be Jimmy Smits who is known for his role in NYPD Blue.  He will have to ditch his tie and suit and get his hands dirty as his role as a gang member named Neron ‘Nero’ Padilla.  He will be an interesting character as reports have him becoming a kind of mentor to Jax as the season develops.  He will end up being a key component in how Jax develops as a leader.  The new list of cast does not end there as both Ashley Tisdale and Joel McHale have been thrown into the little town of Charming.  Both will definitely be out of their element as Tisdale will be going from a Disney star to a high-priced escort and McHale will be a con-man who gets himself into some trouble.

There is no doubt that the regular cast and the integration of the new characters will de intriguing to watch play out, but this season will definitely be about Jax.  It remains to be seen how he will handle the pressure of everyone looking to him on every little decision.  This is what I will be focusing on as the season unfolds and really it cannot come soon enough.