Real World: St. Thomas Season Finale Discussion

In what will become a weekly edition to TheWavierWire, Mike Aurigemma and Jeff Balinski will sit down and discuss what happened in the previous night’s episode of The Real World: St. Thomas.

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Mike Aurigemma:  After two long weeks off we are back at it to discuss the season finale of The Real World.

A lot has happened from our last recap until the finale. We met Trey’s girl back home although it seemed like there is not much promise there between the two of them. We also saw Robb and Marie get back together after it looked like their relationship was taking a turn for the worse. There was also a really big and sad incident with Brandon who got sent home after he failed a drug test. It seemed like he definitely turned a corner and that girl he met brought him back to the dark side. Oh and we also had the same old same old between Trey and Laura.

Now onto the season finale which really made me think that everyone in the house left on great terms with each other.

Robb and Marie left the house official after buying bracelets for each other. This was a pretty big surprise for me as I did not think they were ever going to take that jump into a relationship.

There did not seem to be too much drama going on in the house in the finale, but one of the main storylines was the prank by Swift. I did think it was a good idea, but he would have gotten a lot more points for it of he ha actually caught the chickens instead of some locals being the ones to do it.

Give me your thoughts on the prank by Swift and of course the Robb and Marie situation.

Jeff Balinski:  Watching this finale made me realize that this season seemed a lot like the Disney Channel original series Bug Juice. They all act like a bunch of kids at summer camp. I blame the Island. Thank god this thing is over. I’m not really sure what experiences they had that they couldn’t have on a vacation (or what Swift saw that made him want to stay, though I guess nobody ever wants to go back to Jersey).

So I must admit that this prank was actually really good. The genius behind this prank is obviously the second chicken. One chicken is like haha ok funny let’s move on. But the suspense of knowing there is another one in Toya’s bed is such a great feeling and the payoff was even better. Can we talk about how Swift got these random dudes on the street to help him catch these chickens. One guy caught both of them and was so excited that he was able to do so. Swift should have let him chill at the house for the night to see the payoff.

As for Marie and Robb, I’m not sure if you caught any of the reunion, but they are no longer together. I stopped watching halfway through the story when I realized that if I turned it off my life would be in no way different. The part that I did catch was that it seems Robb was getting a lot of shit for coming off like Marie’s bitch in the show, so he broke up with her via text. She was not happy. He was not happy. Nobody is happy. I hope this ruined your day.

It’s really sad that the highlight of the finale of this show was how excited I got when a commercial for The Challenge came on that I have already seen. I can’t believe its only a week away. So. Pumped.

MA: Swift getting the help of locals was pretty sweet because it seemed like he did not even ask and there they were catching chickens for him.  From that point of view I understand why he wanted to stay because he did seem to really gel with all of the locals.

I also did get to watch the reunion as well and it seemed like everyone was not as happy as when they left the show.  Everyone really laid into Marie while she was on set and although she was pretty ruthless on the show I did feel bad watching last night.  Her personality is definitely something that could get annoying when living with her for a while because she always tries to put her two cents in.  I could see how that could get annoying, but it is just her personality so I cannot blame her either.

One thing I took away from the after show is how there was such a clear line between two groups of people.  Marie and LaToya were together and Swift, Laura, Trey and Brandon were on the other side of the fence.  I do not know where to put Robb at this point as I do not think he gets along with Swift all that great and clearly does not get along with Marie now.

I always find the reunion to be really interesting because that is when a lot of the drama comes to a head and you can really see who is with who, but I am glad the rest of the season is over.  The island killed this season for me.  They just were not able to have as much fun and go out as much because of that.  I do agree that last night did get me ready for The Challenge so at least one positive came out of last night.