Boardwalk Empire Season 3 Preview

Throughout the third season of HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, our writers will discuss the ins and outs of each episode. Please beware of spoilers.

Vinny Ginardi: As someone who just finished the second season, the shocking ending to the season two finale is still fresh on my mind. How could they (including the writers and Nucky here) kill Jimmy Darmody? He was, at least to me, the show’s most interesting and likable character. But in what made most sense to the narrative of the story, either Jimmy or Nucky had to die come season’s end, so it makes sense to keep the show’s lead character. But I’m not sure what a Jimmy-less Boardwalk Empire will look like. Good or bad, it will certainly be different.

Logically, someone is going to have to fill the empty air time that Jimmy filled (and maybe even Nelson, but I don’t think we’ve seen the last of him). Will Owen slip in and have more of a featured role? Or will we see a larger role from Al Capone?

I have to believe that the multiple references to heroin distribution served a purpose in season two, and will be prominent throughout the third season. What are you guys expecting?

Mike Aurigemma:  It will definitely be a different season with Jimmy involved in this one at all.  It will be tough to replace him for sure, but when it came down to Nucky or Jimmy getting killed off you knew which one had to go as Vinny already mentioned.

In my opinion I think we will be seeing a lot more of Al Capone and Charles “Lucky” Luciano in this coming season.  They seem like two guys who could bring what Jimmy brought to the table and cause some problems for Nucky.  They both have extremely strong personalities that will not be willing to back down at all if they find themselves in a bind.

One of the things that I will be looking for this season is really how Nucky responds after killing Jimmy.  I think that this season may be based a lot on his character and what kinds of decisions he makes.  Does he lose it after killing someone who was like a son to him?  Will he become more power-hungry after going through the whole ordeal with Jimmy?  I think we will find out pretty early in the season what kind of man Nucky is going to turn into and I for one think it might get a little ugly for him.