Sons of Anarchy Season 5, Episode 2 Recap

Throughout the fifth season of Sons of Anarchy, Mike Aurigemma will take an in-depth look at the show. As always, beware of spoilers.

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There has always been one amazing element throughout all of these seasons of Sons of Anarchy.  That is how great the writers are at developing characters and also creating individual storylines for each one of them.  There have been stories involving Tig, Juice, Chibs and the list goes on and on.  I think that this is an extremely important element to keep this show fresh.  This is a show that could easily get stale since everything is happening in this small little town and it is all about the challenges that the club faces.  The writers have done a great job of avoiding a situation like that and as of now nothing has changed this season.

Now onto the episode that aired last night, which will definitely help set up what it is that we are going to be seeing this season.  The first area that I want to focus on is the decision to have Bobby be the Vice President of the MC.  I know that Jax originally had wanted Opie to be next to him at the table, which still looks like a real possibility, but I will get into that later.  I understand why he wanted to have Bobby there, but I feel that it is a lot to put on someone who just got out of prison even if it was just a short stint.  He does not seem to be his normal self at the moment and I think his time in prison might have shaken him up a little bit.  To me someone who has almost always had his head on straight is Chibs.  I thought that he was the more logical option as he was never that close with Clay like Bobby and we cannot forget just what Bobby was doing to his old friend “Otto” Delaney.  Bobby was still up there on the list, but he still seems like someone who could easily be influenced by Clay going forward.

Well now that I mentioned his name I have to talk about Clay as you know he has something up his sleeve.  First off, he is still his conniving self as he has been lying to everyone in the club about what happened with Piney.  Clay went up there with the intention of killing him and there is no doubt about it.  You can see in his demeanor that he is trying to win over a few of the members already.  It seems to be working on Bobby a little and definitely worked on Juice as well.  We all know that Tig will come back around to him if he gets out of prison alive.  To me it seems like there are only three people (Jax, Opie and Chibs) that stand in his way of having some power back. All of them were just handcuffed and thrown into prison.  And guess whose idea it was to have Opie join them in there.  Oh that’s right it was Clay’s of course.  He may look weak, but he still knows how to play the game and use the power that he has left to his advantage.  This is not even getting into the fact that Clay was probably the person who set up the beatings on people who are close to the club.  He is trying to show that Jax is weak so maybe that will help convince those on the fence like Juice or Happy, who is a better leader between him and Jax.  This will continue to be a story throughout the season and Jax may end up regretting that he did not let Opie kill Clay.

Now onto Opie, who with a little nudge from Clay seems to be back in the game.  I was pretty happy about this occurring in the episode because I think the friendship of Jax and Opie is different from the relationship that other members of the club have with each other.  Being able to watch both of them have each others back in prison is going to be some pretty exciting television.

In these next couple of episodes I am really interested to see how the prison scenes play out.  The club was in prison before, but they were almost all together and did not have as big of a target on their back as they do now.  Will they all be able to get out alive?  Who are they going to have as allies in prison?  Is this what Pope actually wanted as now they have no place to hide?  This will most definitely be intriguing to watch play out not to mention the fact that Clay will have a little more room to breathe on the outside and we know he is going to stir up some drama.