Boardwalk Empire Season 3, Episode 3 Analysis

Throughout the third season of HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, our writers will discuss the ins and outs of each episode. Please beware of spoilers.

It was a storyline that needed to be addressed at some point in this coming season and this seemed to be the episode that got it started.  We finally saw the murder of Jimmy start to take a toll on Nucky.  There was no way that this could not be addressed throughout this season and I was a fan of the way it was played out.  Nucky does not seem like a stone-cold killer and it definitely showed in this episode.  I just have to wonder how long he will be dealing with this throughout the season.  Also I have to think the relationship between Nucky and Gillian Darmody will be extremely intriguing from here on out.  I still think she has plans to try to take Nucky down and it looks like Gyp will be the next person to try to help her out.

Moving on to our certified psycho in Gyp, he has really gone out of his way to stir up some trouble.  In my opinion, Nucky did not mean anything when he left that note for Gyp and I definitely do not think the police officer did.  I was more intrigued to see how Rothstein was going to respond originally to Gyp’s insanity, but now that has completely changed as I want to see what Nucky will do.  His head clearly does not seem to be in it right now and if he does not come back with a strong response it could get pretty ugly for him.  Gyp still does not seem to be someone who is smart enough to take Nucky down, but with a little help from Gillian that could change quickly.

One of the more recurring themes that we are seeing this year is the development of storylines outside of Atlantic City.  We have seen the development of Al Capone and his struggles with a rival in Chicago and in this episode we had some of that in New York City as Luciano and Meyer Lansky had to deal with an enemy of their own.  I have been puling for more Luciano and Lansky for a while as I think both of them are extremely important when looking at the history of gangsters in the United States and I finally got it.  The development of them getting into the heroin business will definitely stir things up and I feel that Rothstein is going to end up being against this idea.  For a long time we have seen Luciano and Lansky both be under Rothstein, but I think we will see them start to go in their own direction from here on out.  The question will be what approach Rothstein decides to take from her on out.

I love the idea to introduce more and more stories and that is definitely a regular theme so far.  I was starting to get sick of the same old stuff with Nucky and really what else could he really have to deal with in Atlantic City.  He has overcome all of the political issues and drama that he had to deal with there.  Nucky had to kill off someone who was like a son to him that became his rival.  But the main thing that I was hoping was in the rearview mirror was the fight between Nucky and his brother Eli.  There were times in this past episode that it looked like it might go back in that direction, but I am hoping that is not the case.  It is now time for Nucky to face a challenge from someone outside of Atlantic City that he really cannot control at all.  This has all be done excellently so far throughout this season and I have high expectations going forward now as we get to focus on so many different characters and storylines that I am sure will intertwine at some point throughout the coming episodes.

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