Sons of Anarchy Season 5, Episode 4 Recap

Throughout the fifth season of Sons of Anarchy, Mike Aurigemma will take an in-depth look at the show. As always, beware of spoilers.

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At the beginning of the episode I was still in disbelief that Opie was killed off of the show.  The only time that I have felt similar to this was when one of my favorite characters was killed on  The Wire.  If you have not watched that show, but are planning on it at some point, skip over this next line as it will have a definite spoiler.  This had the same feel to me as when Bodie was killed because they were both loyal to a fault for Bodie it was to Avon and Stringer, while for Opie it was to Jax and the club.  Tough to see someone with that kind of attitude towards those around them to go out like that.

Now onto this weeks episode, which was in my opinion the complete opposite of last weeks.  As intense as episode three was this was lacked that same feeling.  It is definitely tough to follow an episode like that and there had to be a letdown, but I was hoping for some more kind of development in the storylines.  I found the car chase to be pretty lame and cheesy.  In my opinion, it was something to kill some time, but still trying to add some excitement and in my mind it did not work for me. It also looks like we may see some more from Ashley Tisdale in the coming episodes as I am sure her storyline is not done, but it is not something that I am hoping they address any more than they already have.  And I really do not think she was the one who called the cops on the brothel.

The Tara and Gemma plot is starting to get old with me and I know that Tara is turning into Gemma, but does it really need to be displayed in each and every episode?  Just a quick little thought that has been bothering me for quite some time now.

There were two main things that happened in this episode that gave me a glimmer of hope while watching.  I still cannot mention enough how big of a role Clay is going to play this season.  We immediately saw at the table that people were already questioning Jax as a leader.  It was also pretty obvious to see how important it was that Jax was able to get Tig out of jail alive as he is going to be extremely valuable for him from here on out.  Clay clearly has all of the nomads on his side as of now and I still believe that Clay is the one ordering the home invasions and also the one that called the cops on Nero.  This is once again showing how great of a character he has become. These past two seasons have made me come to hate the man that Clay has turned into, but that is what the writers want at this point.  I have to give a huge amount of credit to both the writers, but also Ron Perlman, who has really been fantastic playing the character of Clay for this many seasons.

The other important point that I wanted to touch on was the continued development of the Nero and Jax relationship that has now become a partnership.  I think the way it is being handled is perfect for now to have them both stay away from certain aspects of each others business.  But the question to me is how long it can last.  I easily see a time when Nero has to get involved in some of the dirty work Jax is entrenched in and there is no way that Gemma will allow Nero to just walk out of her life.

So it was a disappointing episode in my opinion as there was so much of it filled with scenes that had little importance in my mind.  I have to be critical at times of a show that I have huge expectations for each and every week.  The montage at the end was great and I have always been a sucker for them in television shows, but what I am really hoping we see more of in the coming episodes is how this Jax and Pope partnership will coexist.  And if Jax will be able to reel in everyone that sits at the table with him from acting out towards Pope.