Fantasy Football: QB Rankings

Below is my QB rankings for the rest of the season after week 4.  Later this week rankings for the other positions will be out as well.


1. Aaron Rodgers – Some struggles early but the Packers have played some of the top defenses in the NFC to start the year.  Once they played a less than stellar D, Rodgers threw 4 TDs.

2. Drew Brees - Saints offense is still strong and they are a pure pass first team.

3. Tom Brady - Some concerns that the Patriots are running more and the passing game is slowing down but last week helped with those.

4. Matt Ryan - I’m fully buying it.  White and Jones are too good for Ryan to not have a great year.

5. Cam Newton - Also struggling a bit early but 30 points last week shows he’s not done yet.

6. RGIII - Looks just like Newton did last year and he’s put up big numbers with Garcon injured through the first few weeks.

7. Peyton Manning - He’s certainly not pre-injury Peyton but his skills are still there.

8. Matthew Stafford - Terrible start to the year but with Calvin, he’s bound to put up the passing numbers.  Hopefully the bye will let

Andy Dalton has the 9th most points for any QB this season averaging 18 PPG so far.

him get back in gear.

9. Eli Manning - The Giant’s WRs have been running wild and it has benefit Eli but the Giants are too inconsistent overall to move Eli up much further so far.

10. Andy Dalton - Yes. Andy Dalton makes my top 10.  AJ Green seems impossible to cover and with the exception of week 1, Dalton had been putting up some big numbers.

11. Joe Flacco - The Ravens offense goes through Rice, but that also includes the passing game.  Boldin has looked strong and Smith appears to be the real deal so Flacco is getting the numbers.

12. Phillip Rivers - Rivers is still a viable options even after a bad season last year and losing Vincent Jackson but he’s not the top 10 QB we’re used to.

13. Ben Roethlisberger - He’s got the weapons but his health is always a concern and the Steeler’s have been struggling so far.  Definitely a candidate for a huge bump during the rest of the season.

14. Jay Cutler - Week 2 against the Packers made Cutler seem like he may even lose his job but week 4 showed the QB I expected to see head the Bears this year.  Marshall is a huge addition and Forte gets a ton of his yards from the passing game.

15. Tony Romo - Romo looked great week 1 but cannot stop turning the ball over.  With Murray, Dez, Austin, and Witten the Cowboys should be running up the score but just can’t figure it out.

16. Andrew Luck - 2 good games and 1 bad, he’ll likely have a chance to crack the top 10 this season but I need to see more.

17. Michael Vick - Remember when Vick was the best fantasy player by far?  Me either.  He’s looked terrible and I don’t know that a bounce back is coming.

18. Matt Schaub - Also consistently good but not great.  Possibly the best offense this year but they run first.

19. Ryan Fitzpatrick - Always a tease to pick up but way too inconsistent.  He’s like a box of chocolates…

20. Kevin Kolb - Fantasy numbers have been there so far but I wouldn’t feel comfortable trusting him just yet.