Fantasy Football: QB Rankings (Week 6 Updates)

These are my rankings for QBs for the remainder of the season.  The number in parenthesis is last week’s ranking.

1. (1) Aaron Rodgers, GB – Even with a terrible 2nd half this week, still was only 4 points less than Brees.

2. (2) Drew Brees, NO – Can’t stop, won’t stop.

Peyton jumps into the top 5 after another 20+ point performance

3. (3) Tom Brady, NE – Patriots running so much will lower his numbers a bit but he’s still putting up the numbers.

4. (4) Matt Ryan, ATL – Scored his lowest total of the season this week, 17 points.

5. (7) Peyton Manning, DEN – 4 of 5 weeks over 20 points has me convinced.

6 (5) Cam Newton, CAR – Stuffed this week but he can still add extra points with his legs.

7. (6) Robert Griffin III, WAS – First rough day of the year, not too worried.

8. (9) Eli Manning, NYG – Another great day through the air.

9. (8) Matthew Stafford, DET – BYE

10. (12) Phillip Rivers, SD – Doesn’t seem to be missing VJax too much and Ryan Mathews being healthy only helps.

Luck’s huge performance against the Packers leaves him just outside the top 10

11. (16) Andrew Luck, IND – Didn’t take long for Luck to figure it out.

12. (10) Andy Dalton, CIN - Maybe he wasn’t ready for a top 10 spot yet but I’m still a believer.

13. (11) Joe Flacco, BAL – Terrible day for the entire offense

14. (13) Ben Roethlisberger, PIT – Lack of TDs was rough but first day under 10 points

15. (14) Jay Cutler, CHI – A good showing this week and he has the team around him but I need to see one more good showing before I believe.

16. (17) Michael Vick – Vick loses 2 fumbles but moves up because he’s scored at least 12 points in all but 1 week even with his 11 turnovers.

17. (15) Tony Romo – BYE

18. (18) Matt Schaub, HOU – Even with the unstoppable offense, Schaub is not putting up huge fantasy numbers.

19. (UR) Alex Smith, SF – Becoming a very sound source of points by not turning the ball over.

20. (UR) Christian Ponder, MIN – His points are 100% based on Percy Harvin’s continued production but there are worse things to bet on.

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