Fantasy Football: WR Rankings

Below are my WR ranks for the rest of the season.  Any point totals are done based on a 1/2 PPR scoring system.

1. Calvin Johnson, DET - Still the best in the game.

2. Percy Harvin, MIN - Top scorer through 5 weeks and he only has 1 receiving TD!

3. A.J. Green, CIN - No sophomore slump for Green who is tearing it up

4. Victor Cruz, NYG - Much as I hate the Giants their offense looks hot and Cruz is leading the way.

5. Roddy White, ATL - Having Jones on the same team doesn’t seem to be hurting his high value.

6. Brandon Marshall, CHI - Once again on pace for over 100 receptions and it’s nice to see him have a QB not named Henne or Orton.

7. Julio Jones, ATL - The Falcon offense has plenty of targets to go around.

8. Wes Welker, NE - The week 1 poor showing is a thing of the past and Welker is once again leading the Patriot receiving corps.

9. Demarius Thomas, DEN - Who?  He’s Peyton’s favorite WR this season and that has never hurt anyone’ value.

10. Reggie Wayne, IND - Speaking of people Peyton loves, Wayne is off to a career year and he’s supposed to be old.

11. Hakeem Nicks, NYG - Injuries have hampered him early but he’s been dominant when healthy.

12. Larry Fitzgerald, ARI - Probably a top 2 WR in talent but being in Arizona has killed a lot of his value.

13. Mike Wallace, PIT - Tons of speed but teams design their defense around him.

14. Marques Colston, NO - Brees spreads the ball around a lot but being the top WR on the Saints comes with a lot of points.

15. Andre Johnson, HOU - Yuck.  Part of the best offense in the AFC not in New England and still can’t rack up the points.  Throw in the injury and he’s a shadow of himself.

16. Dwayne Bowe, KC - His height has given him a huge matchup advantage.

17. Antonio Brown, PIT - At least 74 yards in each game this season, he could end up being the best receiver on the Steelers.

18. Greg Jennings, GB - Hopefully done with his injury issues, being the top WR on the Packers is a huge spot to be in.

19. Vincent Jackson, TB - Clearly the go to man in Tampa but the offense is far from elite.

20. Steve Smith, CAR - Still incredibly talented but the offense is stalling.

21. Jordy Nelson, GB - Nelson needs Jennings playing to get open but when he is, he makes big plays.

22. Eric Decker, DEN - At least 10 points in each of the last 3 weeks with a minimum of 7 on the year makes him a great option.

23. Brandon Lloyd, NE - Slow start for Lloyd but the Patriots offense is getting their identity back and Lloyd is the deep threat.

24. Miles Austin, DAL - The Cowboys have to figure it out offensively eventually and Austin is the best on the team.

25. Torrey Smith, BAL - Initially I thought he was a fluke last year and he still isn’t consistent but Flacco looks to him deep a few times every game.

26. DeSean Jackson, PHI - Despite the Eagles looking lost, Jackson has put together a nice start to the season.

27. Steve Johnson, BUF - Being on the Bills means consistency is hard to come by but he certainly has explosiveness.

28. Dez Bryant, DAL - The man could be a top 10 WR if he gets his head out of his arse but he’s still a strong option until that happens.

29. Anquan Boldin, BAL - Averaging almost 8 targets per week and is the go to guy for a first down in Baltimore.

30. Micheal Crabtree, SF - With the exception of week 4 against the Jets, Crabtree has put up at least 7 points.  He doesn’t have too many big games in him though.

31. Jeremy Maclin, PHI - He’s been battling injury but until he puts together a great game I’m a bit hesitant.

32. Malcolm Floyd, SD - Best option for Rivers but not dominant.


Jones has been taking full advantage of Jennings being out of the lineup but can he keep it up?

33. James Jones, GB - His recent big games have been with Jennings out.  I think he’ll still have good numbers but not 2 scores a week.

34. Denarius Moore, OAK - Finally done with injury issues (hopefully) and he’s bound for some big games.

35. Lance Moore, NO - Brees spreads the ball too much to say Moore will get a ton of targets but the Saints pass enough for him to get a few looks.

36. Brian Hartline, MIA - Averaging OVER 10 targets per game and has almost 6 catches a game which is great news but if teams start doubling up on Hartline he’ll be in trouble.

37. Pierre Garcon, WAS - Injured all year but in week 1 he looked to be a great option.

38. Randall Cobb, GB - Cobb has been getting worked into the Packer offense more and more but with Jennings coming back it’s unclear how much work he’ll get.

39. Kenny Britt, TEN - Another injury issue candidate but if he gets healthy he could get some huge numbers.  Without Locker his value is limited though.

40. Andre Roberts, ARI - Great start to the season but he needs to hope the Cardinals offense can stay active enough.

41. Brandon LaFell, CAR - Looked to be a pickup of the year candidate but the Panthers offense has looked bad in the past few weeks.

42. Donnie Avery, IND - See above except it’s not a bad offense but Reggie Wayne getting every target.

43. Mike Williams, TB - He’s been finding the endzone but not getting a lot of targets.

44. Andrew Hawkins, CIN - The box of chocolates of WRs.

45. Sidney Rice, SEA - Top receiving option on the team but they have been so pedestrian through the air this year.

46. Robert Meachum, SD - Few good weeks for the year but nothing special.

47. Jeremy Kerley, NYJ - Picking a Jet for anything scares me but Kerley has been rather consistent and putting up some pretty good numbers.

48. Devery Henderson, NO - See Lance Moore.

49. Mario Manningham, SF - Always will get a few catches but that might be it.

50. Davone Bess, MIA - Bess has been getting almost everything the Dolphins throw that doesn’t go to Hartline.