The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons, Episode 4 recap

Episode 4 of everybody’s favorite reality TV show, The Challenge, is in the books. We have our first “To Be Continued…” of the season, with Brooklyn ready to go head to head with Arena veterans Fresh Meat.

So much good stuff for experts Greg Kaplan and Mike Aurigemma to talk about this week that we don’t want to spoil anything they are about to touch on. So, have at it…

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GK: Fellas, fellas, fellas. Michael. Wow. What an episode. People want to know why we watch this show and why we spend so much time talking about it. If they saw this episode, they would understand. By far, the best episode of the last two seasons. It’s not even close.

OK, we have a ton to talk about. I want to start with a point I brought up in the middle of the week that explains a few things for me. Every week, I write a post for the site about the NFL Pick ‘Ems, and I have been absolutely confused why the Lions have gotten off to such a slow start. I’ve finally figured out why. Matt Stafford isn’t with the team currently, he’s in Turkey competing on the Challenge. How have we not noticed the striking resemblance these two share? I’m a little embarrassed for us both. Did we know that Matt Stafford was this much of a douchey frat bro, too? I mean, good for you Knight. You flexed up on two chicks and called it part of the game. What do you think Staff…err…Knight is going for here?

That’s Matt Stafford…


MA: I am really disappointed in the both of us too in not realizing this before. Knight is performing in the challenge just like Stafford in the NFL so it is extremely clear they must be the same person going through slumps.

I understand what Knight is thinking by trying to get into his opponents’ heads, but why would you do that to someone in your  alliance?  And you cannot just call someone a bitch and get in a girl’s face and be like “oh I was just playing the game and I am just trying to get into someone’s head”.  He was definitely out of line, but when people pull those kind of moves that is what really makes this game interesting.

Knight = Matt Stafford

You are right that this was one of the better episodes we’ve seen in quite sometime.  But you know what would have really put it over the top?  A nip slip by Nany.  I really am at a loss for words how it did not happen.  I feel like it must have happened and MTV just decided not to show it because there is literally no other explanation.  That is what could have brought this episode from good to great, in my opinion.

Onto Nany, who clearly is a little unstable in the house.  How much longer do you see them being a part of the alliance?  It seems like they are really starting to lose their position.

GK: I have no idea what Nany was saying during her vent session. I was mesmerized by what was going on with her bikini. I sent the video to a mutual friend who majored in physics and he agrees. There was nothing keeping those puppies in, but for some reason there just wasn’t a nip slip. Where’s gravity when we needed it?!

OK, onto more important matters. I think you’ve mentioned before how Nany is a bit of a ticking time bomb, and we saw what happens when it detonates. However, she wasn’t in the wrong. Knight had been playing with her mind for the better part of a couple of days and it all kind of led up to the drunken outburst at the house, even after Nany was trying to calm Knight down on the bus.
As for Vegas’ relationship with the alliance, I think it’s all over. Alton hates having to vote in Brooklyn time after time and wants out. Nany hates Knight, which creates friction between New Orleans and Vegas. Nany was also getting pissed during the challenge this week thinking that the game wasn’t being played in their favor. I can’t see a situation in which Vegas hangs in with San Diego, Cancun and New Orleans.
Notice that I didn’t mention St. Thomas as part of this alliance anymore either. Rookies think they know the game and that they’re playing it perfectly, but they managed to alienate two teams in their group in a manner of minutes. What do you think is going on with St. Thomas, and why does everyone fear Trey?
MA: St. Thomas really is the wild card that could throw a wrench into the alliance.  Trey is clearly a reason why that is such a concern, but I also believe that their team is pretty well-rounded.  They should technically be the closest since their season was the most recent, but Trey and Robb are definitely good competitors and no one should sleep on Marie or Laura.  They could definitely end up winning a challenge at some point and I think everyone in the alliance is afraid of what decisions they might make.

With all of that being said, the alliance definitely made a smart move by sending in Fresh Meat again.  St. Thomas is still under their control and the alliance has done a really tremendous job of really keeping everyone out of an elimination.  I think this is where we have to give credit to the rookies.  We have seen some vets make alliances before, but they quickly dissolve once someone immediately gets stabbed in the back, but we have yet to see that so far.
We are really starting to get to the point where it might soon just be the alliance left.  Is there anyway that Brooklyn or Fresh Meat can stay around any longer?  Any chance we see Vegas and St. Thomas switch over to their side at some point?
GK: I’ll get to what you’re asking in a second, but we need to talk about the part of the show that actually made me very angry. Camila went on a rant, both on the bus and in the confessional after, about how the rookies “aren’t playing the game right” and how their alliance is always sending in Fresh Meat and it’s unfair.

What?! There is no clearer an example of the pot calling the kettle black. Are you kidding me Camila? Is there anyone in recent Challenge history that does everything the rookies are doing this season in the past? Camila always alliances up and sends in rookies like it’s her job. Now, she’s on the wrong end of the stick and she’s calling it unfair? Not a good look for you, Camila. Not a good look at all.
Now, as for Vegas and St. Thomas, I can see Vegas teaming up with Brooklyn, but I don’t know if St. Thomas is going to be included. You said it yourself, they’re the newest season on the show, so they really don’t have friends in any circle. Alton and Sarah’s relationship plus Nany’s hate for Knight make Brooklyn and Vegas an obvious pair. St. Thomas might be the on the outside looking in at all circles, but that might not be a bad place to be. If Trey can keep to himself and let the Brooklyn/Vegas pack pick off San Diego/Cancun/New Orleans, they can survive. We know Chet and C.J. don’t get along, so it makes sense that they’ll continue to go after each other.
Alright Mike, this was our first “To Be Continued” of the season, but my prediction of Fresh Meat going home for good is still looking strong. What do you think is going to happen in the Arena?
MA:  We were due for a “To Be Continued” at some point and this episode had enough drama that it was okay to not show the elimination.  I think we will see Brooklyn head home.  I do not think that JD and Devyn are really great competitors and have the will or want to win this thing.  I guess the only thing I would be worried about is if “Big Easy” ends up not competing because he  fell in love so quickly.
I imagine you will be sticking to your original pick and I cannot let you come away with another correct pick.  Your ego would be too much to handle.
GK: It’s like you know me. Before we wrap this bad boy up this week, Mike, I do want to talk about how this episode further proved you and I are primed to be a duo on this show. I’d be the drunken hot head that can’t control himself around alcohol and drama and you’d be the calming force holding me back/talking sense into other teams. MTV is missing out on some real potential here with a Kaplan/Aurigemma tandem.
MA: Our first step in to get on The Real World. From there they will see the potential.

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  1. This season of “The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons” is a little boring, but I have yet to watch the past episode, and I’m glad to hear it is finally picking up speed. I have a new work schedule at DISH, and was unable to watch this episode. I did set my Hopper to record it, and once I get a free moment I will check it out. This looks like a long season, and since I have a ton of DVR space I’m going to record the rest of the season. I’m sad we will not get a chance to see where the Devyn/Big Easy relationship ends up; I think they would’ve made a cute couple.

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