Fantasy Football: TE Rankings

Below are my TE rankings for the rest of the season.  The points are based on a 1/2 PPR scoring system and were not updated from the week 6 Thursday game.

1. Tony Gonzalez, ATL – Almost 20 more points than any other tight end and with defenses needing to focus on Jones and White, Tony looks likely to have an outstanding year.

2. Rob Gronkowski, NE – Even with Hernandez coming back, Gronk will still be the better option in NE.

3. Jimmy Graham, NO – Not going anywhere anytime soon.

4. Vernon Davis, SF – Only 1 week this season where Davis didn’t put up double digit points.

Rudolph has been one of the nicest surprises of the 2012 season

5. Kyle Rudolph, MIN – He’s been incredibly consistent and seems to be a safe option for Ponder.

6. Jason Witten, DAL – Hopefully the last week was what Witten will do without an injury but we’ll have to see.

7. Owen Daniels, HOU – Three straight games with a score has his numbers up but I worry about production when he’s not scoring.

8. Brandon Pettigrew, DET – No huge games but 8-9 points a week is nice to have.

9. Jermichael Finley, GB – Hopefully his injury won’t last long but his drops in big situations will continue to hurt his numbers.

10. Aaron Hernandez, NE – Finally starting to get healthy.

11. Jared Cook, TEN – When he scores he has big numbers, when he doesn’t, he doesn’t.

12. Martellus Bennett, NYG – Will we see Bennett from the first three weeks or from the last 2?  I imagine a little bit of both.

13. Brent Celek, PHI – Only one big game but if the Eagles get back on track, he’ll probably benefit from that.

14. Heath Miller, PIT – A 20 point week under his belt and always seems to get looks from Ben.

15. Fred Davis, WAS – Been average so far but has potential to break out.

16. Antonio Gates, SD – Injuries and low numbers have me looking to pass on Gates.

17. Dennis Pitta, BAL – Starting off very strong but has faded since then.  I hope he turns it around but won’t count on it.

18. Jacob Tamme, DEN – Playing with Peyton is never bad but Thomas and Decker seem to get most of the looks.

19. Scott Chandler, BUF – Hate everyone on Buffalo but he has done pretty well.

20. Jermaine Gresham, CIN – Under the radar so far but has been consistently average.