Fantasy Football: RB Rankings (Week 7 Update)

Below are my RB rankings for the rest of the season.  Points mentioned are based on a 1/2 PPR scoring system.  Check out my QB rankings.  Rankings for the other positions will be out later this week but you can find last week’s WR and TE rankings.  You can also find last week’s RB rankings here.


Last week’s rank is in parenthesis.


1. (1) Arian Foster, HOU – He was held to only 29 yards and still managed 15.5 points.

2. (3) Ray Rice, BAL – 2 TDs gives him his 3rd week of the year over 20 points.

3. (2) Jamaal Charles, KC – The Chiefs were playing from behind too much giving Charles his lowest total since week 2.

4. (4) LeSean McCoy, PHI – He only has 1 rushing TD this year but he’s got at least 13 point in all but one week.

5. (6) Adrian Peterson, MIN – No rushing TDs since week 1 but he’s still putting up good numbers and the TDs will come.

6. (5) MJD, JAC – The bye should help the Jag’s offense get back on track.

7. (7) Frank Gore, SF – The 49ers played plain terrible on Sunday and Gore suffered but he’ll bounce back.

8. (10) Darren McFadden, OAK – Finally had a good total on the ground and got into the endzone as well.  This is what I expect from McFadden weekly.

9. (8) Stevan Ridley, NE – Stuffed this week but Seattle has been brutal on opposing RBs this year.

10. (9) Marshawn Lynch, SEA – No beast mode yet this year but the offense in Seattle goes through him.

11. (11) Trent Richardson, CLE – First time since week 1 without a TD but no need to panic.

12. (12) Matt Forte, CHI – Bye week

Spiller is looking like the top back in Buffalo

13. (15) Ryan Mathews, SD – Clearly the go to back in SD and he’s doing well.

14. (18) C.J. Spiller, BUF – Clearly Spiller can still put numbers in a time share.

15. (13) Alfred Morris, WAS – Lowest rushing total of the year but the TD saved his day.

16. (20) DeMarco Murray, DAL – Yes I know he’s injured but it sounds like only for a week or 2 tops and he’s looked great.

17. (14) Darren Sproles, NO – Bye

18. (22) Ahmad Bradshaw, NYG – 2nd straight week over 100 yards and 1 TD but both were in blowout wins so I’m not sure he can keep it up.

19. (23) Fred Jackson, BUF – The other part of the Buffalo timeshare looks good too but no days with more than 70 yards is a bit concerning.

20. (21) Willis McGahee, DEN – Consistently good but not great.

21. (17) Michael Turner, ATL – Rough day for the Falcons.

22. (19) BenJarvus Green-Ellis, CIN – Fallen a lot since the first two weeks but I haven’t given up on him yet.

23. (16) Reggie Bush, MIA – Having a hold on the starting spot might be his only real value at this point.  Ranked this high only in leagues that score for receptions.

 24. (25) Chris Johnson, TEN – Nice to see a big day but I can’t say I’d be trading for him yet.

25. (26) Doug Martin, TB – Another good showing, could crack the top 20 with another similar outing next week.

26. (27) Steven Jackson, STL – 10.5 points was his best outing of the year but that’s not too encouraging.


Greene was this week’s big winner but I wouldn’t trust him just yet

7. (30) Mikel Leshoure, DET – Good numbers this week, looking to see if he can keep it up.

28. (42) Shonn Greene, NYJ – The huge jump is much more about the guys below him not playing well than me believing in Greene but he made sure he wasn’t losing his starting job just yet.

29. (24) Rashard Mendenhall, PIT – He got injured to start the game but shouldn’t be out long.

30. (28) DeAngelo Williams, CAR – Bye

31. (UR) William Powell, ARI – 70 yards in his first game with a real workload should get him the starting job going forward.

32. (38) Isaac Redman, PIT – May miss this week with an injury but with Mendenhall being questionable as well, Redman could get an increased workload.

33. (UR) Alex Green, GB – Locked in the starting role for now should guarantee him a decent amount of points each week.

34. (29) Donald Brown, IND – Out 2-3 weeks but he was doing well before the injury.

35. (UR) Felix Jones, DAL – His value is limited once Murray gets back but in case that takes awhile he’s worth a look.

36. (32) Jonathan Stewart, CAR – Bye

37. (43) Daryl Richardson, STL – If Jackson doesn’t turn it around, Richardson’s workload will keep increasing.

38. (33) Pierre Thomas, NO – Bye

39. (34) Michael Bush, CHI – Bye

40. (35) Jaquizz Rodgers, ATL – Suffered with the rest of the Falcons this week.

41. (36) Shaun Draughn, KC – Big workload but didn’t do anything with it this week.

42. (UR) Vick Ballard, IND – Has the starting job for a few weeks but likely not much longer than that.

43. (49) LeGarette Blount, TB – Back to back weeks with TDs shows he might have some value.

44. (37) Daniel Thomas, MIA – Recovering from a concussion but he’s been a solid backup so far.

45. (39) Brandon Bolden, NE – Left early with an injury but he’s getting some looks.

46. (40) Kendall Hunter, SF – As long as Gore keeps hot his opportunities may be limited.

47. (47) Danny Woodhead, NE – Too risky to start often but if desperate has potential for a TD almost every week.

48. (41) Mark Ingram, NO – Bye

49. (UR) Davis Wilson, NYG  – Now seems to be the stronger backup option on the Giants.

50. (UR) James Starks, GB – As he recovers from injury could end up starting.