Fantasy Football: WR Rankings (Week 7 Update)

Below are my WR rankings for the rest of the season.  Rankings are based in a 1/2 PPR scoring system.  You can also find my QB and RB rankings as well as last week’s WR rankings.  Tomorrow I will post TE rankings but in the meantime you can find last week’s TE rankings here.

Last week’s ranking is in parenthesis.

1. (3) A.J. Green, CIN – He is completely unstoppable and I have no issues overtaking Calvin.

2. (3) Percy Harvin, MIN – Still putting up ridiculous numbers without getting receiving TDs.

3. (1) Calvin Johnson, DET – Something about the Lions offense seems off but Calvin has only one game with less than 90 receiving yards.

Welker seems poised to have another great season

4. (4) Victor Cruz, NYG – This week’s 14 points almost are a disappointment for him.

5. (5) Roddy White, ATL – Continues to benefit from the Falcon’s offensive explosion this year.

6. (8) Wes Welker, NE – Since week 3 Welker’s lowest reception total is 8 (with 142 yards) and his lowest yardage total is 104 (with 13 receptions and a TD).  I’d say he’s a safe play.

7. (6) Brandon Marshall, CHI – Bye

8. (7)  Julio Jones, ATL – Last week can be chalked up to a bad day for the Falcons but we expect more out of Jones.

9. (9)  Demarius Thomas, DEN – Big play potential and Peyton has looked his way often.

10. (10) Reggie Wayne, IND – Luck will have streaky days but Wayne is always going to be his first look.

11. (12) Larry Fitzgerald, ARI – Finding ways to get points in that shaky Arizona offense.

12. (13) Mike Wallace, PIT – 2nd best outing of the year this week and he should keep this type of production up.

13. (11) Hakeem Nicks, NYG – He hasn’t fully recovered yet but on that offense he’s bound to put up big numbers.

14. (14) Marques Colston, NO – Bye

15. (15) Andre Johnson, HOU – The Texans have vowed to get Andre more targets and they did last week but I’m not 100% convinced yet.

16. (19) Vincent Jackson, TB – Two TDs this week give Jackson at least 19 points in 3 of his 5 weeks.

17. (16) Dwayne Bowe, KC – Worst week of the year for Bowe but considering how he’s been doing this season there’s no cause for concern.

18. (21) Jordy Nelson, GB – Turns out Jordy doesn’t need Jennings in the lineup to be effective.  Don’t expect 3 TDs every week though.

19. (17) Antonio Brown, PIT – Slow week but he’s still a top performer.

20. (22) Eric Decker, DEN – A big day for Decker who now has 4 straight weeks in double digit scoring.

21. (23) Brandon Lloyd, NE – Lloyd picked up his 4th 10+ week of the year and seems to be getting more comfortable in New England.

22. (18) Greg Jennings, GB – The injury is persistent and Rodgers is still spreading his targets around but a healthy Jennings will be the go to guy in Green Bay.

23. (20) Steve Smith, CAR – Bye

24. (24) Miles Austin, DAL – First game with less than 12 points.  Don’t panic.

25. (26) DeSean Jackson, PHI – Very ho-hum so far.

26. (28) Dez Bryant, DAL – Big day for Dez which could have been even bigger if he didn’t drop that pass in the endzone.

27. (29) Anquan Boldin, BAL – Every time Flacco needs a big catch, it’s Boldin he goes to.

28. (27) Steve Johnson, BUF – Got back to double digits again this week.  If he played anywhere else….

29. (25) Torrey Smith, BAL – Averaging under 4 catches per game makes him a boom or bust play every week.

30. (31) Jeremy Maclin, PHI – Best game of the year and his first remotely good game since week 1.  Let’s see if he can do it again.

Williams is playing like the guy we drafted last year

31. (34) Denarius Moore, OAK – Finally healthy and looking like the #1 option on the Raiders.

32. (33) James Jones, GB – He’s been fantastic but once Jennings comes back I imagine his production will decrease.

33. (43) Mike Williams, TB – Looks like I was wrong about Williams who puts up the numbers week after week.

34. (32) Malcolm Floyd, SD – No TDs since week 1 but he’s getting good yardage.

35. (38) Randall Cobb, GB – The Packers seem intent on getting Cobb the ball and with his speed, and role returning punts/kicks, he can put up a lot of points.

36. (39) Kenny Britt, TEN – Welcome back.  Now to see if he can make it a regular thing.

37. (UR) Josh Gordon, CLE – Looks like he’s got breakout potential.

38. (UR) Kendell Wright, TEN – Consistently involved in the offense for good numbers,

39. (30) Michael Crabtree, SF – Average but not exciting.

40. (35) Lance Moore, NO – Bye

41. (36) Brian Hartline, MIA – No targets this week is concerning but hopefully he can bounce back.

42. (40) Andre Roberts, ARI – Last two weeks haven’t lived up to his early production.

43. (45) Sidney Rice, SEA – Not irrelevant yet.

44. (42) Donnie Avery, IND – Won’t be the first look but provides a good #2 for Luck.

45. (41) Brandon LaFell, CAR – Bye

46. (48) Devery Henderson, NO – Bye

47. (37) Pierre Garcon, WAS – If he ever gets over his injury he could be in for some real production.

48. (49) Mario Manningham, SF – Getting the touches, now time to do something with them

49. (50) Davone Bess, MIA – Got a lot of the targets that Hartline wasn’t getting.

50. (UR) Nate Burleson, DET – Been quietly having a pretty good season.

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