Boardwalk Empire Season 3, Episode 10, “A Man, A Plan…” Recap

Throughout the third season of HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, our writers will discuss the ins and outs of each episode. Please beware of spoilers.

Throughout this season, Nucky Thompson has been alone, and the ending to the last three episodes certainly haven’t helped that. First, he watches as an explosion kills the girl, Billie Kent, who he has been obsessing over all season. Next, the meeting he sets up to have the surrounding powers join his side ends poorly, with everyone walking out on his out idea. Then, in “A Man, A Plan…” it comes clear to him that his wife that he has been cheating on all season has been returning the favor by sleeping and planning to run away with his right-hand man, Owen Slater, who shows up dead in a box at episode’s end. That’s not exactly a great sequence of events for our central character.

Looking back at it though, it’s not all that surprising that the writers killed off Owen. Let’s say they didn’t, and Owen and Margaret did run away to St. Louis as they had planned. What would that mean for the show? The writers could either follow their disconnected storyline in future seasons (like they have done with Van Alden) or dismiss the characters altogether (which isn’t something the series has done). Neither of those options are very appealing (well, kicking Margaret off the show sort of is), so it makes sense to kill Owen AND to do it in away that also ties into the main storyline. I’m not sure what these means for Margaret going forward, but she once again must feel trapped with Nucky, so it’ll be interesting to see if she tries to break free some other way, especially after finding out that she is pregnant with Owen’s baby.Okay, we get it; Gyp’s irrational, violent, and sensitive to people who know more than him about anything at all. While this might have been the most disturbing murder we’ve seen him commit (being buried alive in the sand as the tide creeps in has crept up my list of “Ways I definitely don’t want to die” list), it felt a bit forced. The last three or four episodes have been a slower pace, and this scene felt like it was included simply because there hasn’t been much action lately.

With only two episodes left, it still feels like a lot of ground needs to be covered with the inevitable Gyp-Nucky showdown looming. With Nucky continuing to lose people around him, will he have enough firepower to survive it?

5 thoughts on “Boardwalk Empire Season 3, Episode 10, “A Man, A Plan…” Recap

  1. I feel like Nucky’s demise lies in whether or not he gets help from the guys in Chicago. Eli is a convincing man, so I hope this comes through because that means more action to come. I never noticed how many characters this show has strung along until just recently when I had so many questions that I had to pretty much watch the first nine episodes over again. The friend of mine that I work with at DISH wasn’t able to explain details that I missed, so I also had to access the first two seasons that I have saved to my external hard drive. I’m relieved that although it was connected to my old DVR, I was still able to watch its recordings through my new DISH Hopper. Being able to archive this show is really helping to understand what’s going on, and what may happen by the end of this season.

      • I hope you’re right! My eyes were almost bursting in tears with how devastated Margaret was over Owen’s death. If he is faking his death, then it would be the ultimate and for sure way to run away with Margaret. But, knowing HBO, Owen is dead.

        • could be/…… but he is a real SLICK dude. don’t be surprised if you see him in the last scene in the very last episode. just my thoughts.

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