The Walking Dead Season 3, Episode 8, “Made to Suffer” Recap

walking dead

Throughout the third season of The Walking Dead, several of our writers will be on a weekly rotation giving their thoughts of the most recent episode. As always, be aware of spoilers.

The tagline for season three, or at least the first eight episodes of season three, of The Walking Dead read “Fight the Dead. Fear the Living.” For the most part, these first eight episodes have kept true to that promise. We rarely see our characters fighting zombies for the sake of fighting zombies (though it does still happen from time to time), but instead do so when it is necessary for survival. Killing zombies can be cool, but it can only be done for so long before it begins to feel repetitive. These first eight episodes have brought forward the idea of conflict, something that was missing from the series’ first two seasons.

In the first few episodes we’re introduced to a group of prison inmates as well as the community in Woodbury. Although the writers missed on the opportunity to introduce interesting and dynamic characters in both settings (seriously, only one of the prison inmates is still alive?), these new groups supplied conflict for Rick and the gang.

“Made to Suffer” appropriately ended with a clash between our group and the Governor’s, with all but Daryl escaping. The Governor isn’t happy with Merle for lying about killing Michone, but even for a show that has proven this season that nobody is safe, the two characters that probably won’t be killed off any time soon are Rick and Daryl. So yes, Daryl’s situation seems dangerous, but the same threat of death isn’t there as it was when Glenn and Maggie were captured.

Andrea appears to have finally realized that she’s been sleeping with the bad guy. If finding the heads in glass tanks didn’t make her come to this realization, the revelation that Daryl was captured certainly did. While this episode had its share of problems (the Governor’s came to his room at the perfect time, despite a war going on outside…and then the same exact thing happened with Andrea), it worked well as both a finale/transitional episode.

Overall, it looks like the second half of season three will begin with some sort of war between the two sides. After a sophomore disappointment and despite some up and downs, the third season has been the series’ best yet. Even more promising, Cutty from The Wire  Tyrese and a few of his friends could add a few more interesting characters to the prison scene.