Sons of Anarchy Season 5, Episode 13 Recap

Throughout the fifth season of Sons of Anarchy, Mike Aurigemma will take an in-depth look at the show. As always, beware of spoilers.

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This was a really intense season finale, but left me concerned about where the show may be heading in the long run.

I have to start off with Jax and his plan to get rid of Pope as it was really reminiscent of the Season 3 finale where Jax played Agent Stahl in a very similar manner.  I was not sure he would be able to get away with it so easy in this scenario because of how powerful Pope was.  There was also a part of me that felt he actually would let “Tig” die because we cannot forget that he was the one who tried to kill Opie and ended up killing his wife Donna instead.  I was really hoping Jax was not going to let Pope kill Traeger as it really seemed like something Clay would have done to bail himself out of a situation.

Now that I mentioned his name I obviously have to talk about Clay and how this season ended for him.  Honestly, I felt bad for him when everything was going down.  He has done a lot of bad things to the club in the past and members of the club for his own selfish reasons, but what is in store for him in the next season may be a little bit much.  And I can only imagine what it felt like for him to hear what Gemma was saying and not defend him at all when she had the chance to save him from going to prison.  This was all planned out beautifully by Jax, but in doing so he definitely lost his VP in Bobby.  I am not sure what kind of impact this will have on the MC going forward as it may cause some problems internally once again for the club.

Gemma also had a hand in setting up Tara so she was back to her manipulating self in the finale.  That was really absent throughout this whole season as Jax and Tara had everything figured out, but Otto’s rage really through a wrench into that.  She clearly did this to make sure her family stayed in Charming, but sometimes I do not understand why it is such a big deal to her.  She has to understand that she is hurting her family by staying there and I really despise the way she talks about her grandchildren as if they are her own children.  Does she not remember the fact that she was high and almost killed them?  It just does not make sense to me at all.

Now in the next season, I have a feeling we will have the regular drama for SAMCRO and Nero going back to his old self, which was pointed out by the shotgun in his bed will definitely cause some more problems for the club.  They could still also get some trouble from Pope’s people and we cannot forget the Irish either.  But I think we will also see a bunch of scenes taking place from prison for both Clay and Tara.  It is obvious they were not ready to kill Clay off completely as they are hoping to get some more legs out of his storyline next season as well. 

I am not that interested in the whole Gemma and Tara drama, which I feel will continue to be big next season and one thing that does concern me is that there does not seem to be a big threat hanging over the club as of now, but I can never doubt the writers as I am sure they will think of something for next season.