The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons, Episode 10 recap

the challenge logoEight episodes deep into The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons, and both Greg Kaplan and Mike Aurigemma are thrilled with what they’ve seen. This week, St. Thomas was eliminated in the mental challenge by team Vegas…

How do our two Challenge experts think this will change the game moving forward? Let’s find out…

Greg Kaplan: And we’re back! So, we missed last week and Alton/Nany getting sent home. We won’t spend too much time talking about it, but I think I speak for both Mike and myself when I say Frank absolutely crossed a line on the show when he brought up Nany’s sister’s struggles with addiction. There are things you’re allowed to say in the heat of te moment, both about the person physically and mentally. But, that seemed way too far and uncomfortable for even us, the biggest of Challenge fans.

With that said, we have the crazy duo of Robb and Marie getting sent home from Turkey after losing to Dustin and Trishelle of all people in a mental challenge. First, great to see that Trishelle has a mental capacity to even participate in a game like this. Didn’t see that coming. Second, what I took away most from this week’s episode is clearly nobody in that house has been drunk in New York before. Mike, we went to school with thousands of Marie’s, and there is an easy way to get people like her to just shut up when their drunk. All you have to do is say ‘OK’ to literally everything. Agree with whatever they’re saying, then pounce on them the next day when they’re hungover and you’ll always win. I can’t count how many times I used this strategy on drunk girls back at Marist College, but it’s in the hundreds.
What did you take away from this episode?

Mike Aurigemma:  I could not agree more and your comments about Frank and it still boils down to the fact that he has also not been able to step up at all when his team was expecting him to.  That is enough on that topic and back to this week’s episode.

Well this episode showed me that Robb is a bitch and that Dustin is a really good competitor.  First, on the Robb topic was the fact that when Zach and Frank were yelling at his girl Marie he was nowhere to be found to defend her, but then when Derek was the one talking shit he wanted to rip his head off.  We can even go back to last weeks episode when he was dying in the water because he could not swim down the rope to the bottom.  And in this week’s episode he had trouble going to the bottom of the tank to help Marie out.  I just do not think he has what it takes to succeed in The Challenge.
Now to Dustin who beasted in this elimination with a partner that he completely hates.  This showed that he was not a quitter at all and he stepped up when his team (Trishelle) needed him.  I think they will be tough to knock off just because how good he can be even though San Diego will still be gunning for them.

We need to talk about San Diego.  I want to hear your thoughts on their choice to throw St. Thomas into an elimination instead of Brooklyn.  I understand they want Vegas gone, but are they really that big of a threat to them right now?  And Brooklyn is sitting there with 4  people as of now.  The only thing that makes sense is if they want JD and Devyn in the finals for Brooklyn.

SANGK:  Here’s my thing: San Diego can’t say that putting in St. Thomas wasn’t an emotional decision when clearly they want to send Las Vegas home for only emotional reasons. If San Diego was thinking clearly, Vegas would be the team you’d want in a final with you. I mean no disrespect to Dustin when I say that. The kid has proven to be a warrior and will be a huge player to watch in future Challenges.

But, Trishelle has wimped out of two different challenges so far this season. Apparently, she was too dehydrated to sit on a chair and answer questions in the trivia challenge. Then, she couldn’t dunk her head under water to pull a buoy up a few weeks later. Isn’t this the exact type of person you want in a final challenge? There’s almost no way she makes it the entire way through without quitting or giving up. I’d want her with me going the distance. That’s the first problem with how they played the game.
The second, you have to send in Brooklyn there. There has to be a huge advantage for having a four person team to the final challenge. If there was no advantage, then teams wouldn’t have been that large to begin with. Imagine the sizeable advantage you’d have if you were the only four person team left in that final challenge. You would have to be the clear-cut favorite. As much crap as we give Devyn, she has stepped up on some occasions. She’s proven her worth. Same with J.D. Even if you think Chet and Sarah are a strong pair, you’d still want it to be a four on two.

San Diego dropped the ball here, didn’t they?

MA:  I could not agree more in this instance.  I just cannot understand why they want to keep Brooklyn full, but feel the need to get rid of Vegas so bad.  Now if their real intention was to get rid of St. Thomas, which would not be that bad since Marie is a really good competitor and could end up sending home one of San Diego’s girls along with Zak or Frank so that would make sense.  But it did not seem like that was their intention throughout their discussions.  Just stupidity.

But really what are we talking about here because I just do not see a way that San Diego does not win this thing.  Unless miraculously Vegas or Brooklyn win a challenge that ends up sending San Diego into a challenge that they lose somehow.  Any chance we see that happen?

GK:  I can’t see anything that would give Vegas an advantage in a challenge. I can’t put faith in Trishelle when anything is on the line. That mental challenge was right up her alley, because all she had to do was sit in a sling and match puzzle pieces.

As far as Brooklyn winning a challenge and putting in San Diego, that’s nice in theory, but who’s going to beat San Diego in the Arena? It’s not going to be Derek and Jonna, who are only here because Jonna is riding Zach, literally. The only team I would give a chance to send anyone from San Diego packing would actually be Brooklyn in a strategy game, and it would have to be Sarah and Chet working that jungle gym. But, we heard it last week. If Brooklyn is going into another arena, it’s Devyn’s and JD’s turn, so there just isn’t a chance.

Unfortunately, I don’t see a scenario in which San Diego doesn’t walk out of this game with the championship. That’s frustrating.

MA: It is really frustrating that they have dominated really and do not have much competition left. With CJ and Alton both being eliminated that really paved the way for them.

Alright onto predictions for next week. I think we see the end of Cancun leaving as both Jonna and Derek get sent home. Who do you got?

GK:  I just can’t envision Vegas going much further. San Diego hates them too much. I think it’s all over for D and T.