Dexter Season 7, Episode 11 “Do You See What I See?” Recap

dexterThroughout the seventh season of Showtime’s Dexter, Vinny Ginardi will hand out his thoughts on each episode. Beware of spoilers.

In just one episode, Dexter’s future plans changed drastically.

The episode opens with Dexter imagining growing old with his killer girlfriend Hannah (and by growing old, I mean Dexter growing old and Hannah not aging even a little). Dexter imagines Hannah and him living a nice, quiet life, watering flowers and kissing in the greenhouse. Then, while helping Hannah bring in the Christmas tree, Dexter suggests that they start a new tradition together, one where for years to come they can celebrate Christmas Eve together.

But by episode’s end, Dexter’s plans for the future have already been cancelled.

After questioning Arlene, a key witness for one of Hannah’s past crimes, Deb finds Hannah at her house. Like all of their conversations and despite Hannah’s attempt to make things at least civil between them (because she truly loves Dexter and because Deb is determined to put her in handcuffs), Deb refuses to give ground. The next day, Deb is in a serious car accident that hospitalizes her. The hospital records show that there was too much anti-anxiety medication in Deb’s system causing her to pass out at the wheel. Naturally, suspicions arise as to whether or not Hannah had drugged her. Deb is convinced it was the work of Hannah McKay, and although Dexter tries to defend her, he has his suspicions too.

Dexter has the water bottle found in Deb’s car analyzed and it appears that her anti-anxiety medication was dissolved into it. This is enough evidence for Dexter, who then turns Hannah into the police for the murder of Sal Price.

And just like that, Dexter’s once promising future (at least in his mind) with Hannah McKay has vanished.

That being said, are we positive that Hannah actually drugged Deb? As Hannah pointed out, if she were going to poison somebody, she’s done it enough times where she wouldn’t make a mistake. If Hannah actually drugged Deb, it would have done more than just cause her to pass out; it would have killed her. In addition, Deb is also popping pills throughout the episode, which is another indicator that this might not be Hannah’s doing. Maybe this is too far outside of the box, but is it possible that Deb staged the whole thing to “protect” Dexter? Planting evidence has been a theme these past few episodes (Quinn shooting himself, Dexter framing Doakes), and Deb wasn’t seriously injured in the car crash. And after all, we know how much she despises Hannah and how much she loves Dexter.

It would also be an appropriate conclusion to show just how much Deb has transformed over this season. She started out as the show’s moral compass, always looking to serve justice to those who deserve it but by staying within the boundaries of the law. But now we’ve seen her go from contemplating turning in her own brother to accepting of his murderous ways. What better way to show that she now only cares about justice, whether that follows the rules of the law or not, than to have her take things into her own hands?

On a side note, Dexter might be in some serious trouble. His decision making has been sloppy lately and now Hannah, Estrada, and the arsonist can all point to him as the man who put them on his table to be killed. With LaGuerta closing in, it’s difficult to imagine a reasonable way in which Dexter can escape.

Speaking of reasonable, the final episode is entitled “Surprise, MotherFu**er”, which of course is Doakes’ iconic line. It would be completely unreasonable for Doakes to still be alive, but the fact that Erik King (the actor) is credited with being in the last episode has me worried the writers might be trying to pull a fast one on us. Let’s hope not.

Even though Doakes is the man.

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  1. Doakes is definitely the man, but if he’s been alive these past 5 years, I don’t even know what to think or say.

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