Pretty Little Liars Season 3, Episode 14 “She’s Better Now” + Episode 15 “Mona-Mania” Recap

Watch-Pretty-Little-Liars-Season-1-Episode-21Throughout the second half of the third season of ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars, Vinny Ginardi will discuss his thoughts and theories on the show following each episode.

Leading up to the midseason premiere of Pretty Little Liars, I started asking myself about the show, and more specifically, my viewership of it. When people ask why I watch PLL, I usually don’t know how to respond. Sometimes I’ll say that it is a guilty pleasure and oddly enough, people tend to get that (probably because we all have guilty pleasures). But that’s just it. I don’t feel guilty about watching PLL. If anything, I’m actually strangely proud that I do. Even though it may be a show that isn’t of the highest quality and is aimed at teenaged females, there is no denying that the numerous twists and turns allow PLL to be one of the most wildly entertaining series’ on television.

Because there are so many twists and turns though, it can sometimes be challenging to keep up. I had some difficulty remembering what our girls had been up to heading into the midseason premiere (mostly because this was just the second episode since the summer), but had my memory jolted with talks of the Halloween Train (featuring Adam Lambert), Garret’s death and Byron’s potential involvement with Alison’s murder. Oh boy!

I won’t usually be covering two episodes at once, but since I am here let’s just do some quick highlights of this winter’s first two episodes:

- Mona’s back! And trying to act normal, which makes her look crazy, which makes her look normal.

- Meredith (the one who slept with Byron) is teaching at the school and isn’t afraid to use her power against Aria and the gang. She also initially believes that the Liars are the ones who caused her to walk into an explosion and come away with some injuries to her arm. We later find out it was Lucas who set up the explosion, attempting to scare Mona.

- Oh and Lucas has been walking around with a limp after being nearly run over by Toby while skateboarding. As episode two explains, Lucas wants OUT of Mona’s puppet mastery and could be leaving Rosewood high. Can’t say I’d be terribly upset about that.

- There’s also a new janitor, who was actually the Innkeeper from The Lost Woods Resort. Good thing Emily recognized him and had that flashback, because there’s no way I (or probably anyone else) could have remembered him. Anyway, everybody’s favorite janitor spends all of his time in his creepy office, where the girls find Ali’s diary (whoa!).  The diary explains that Ali had been blackmailing Byron!

-In what can have only been a game of academia to one million points, Spencer (a.k.a. the future Mrs. Vincent Ginardi) loses to Mona on the final question, thus failing to become captain of the “brainiacs”. She’s not happy.

- Byron steals from Aria the pages that she stole from Ali’s diary (detailing the blackmailing), only to have them stolen back by Meredith, who in turn gives them back to Aria. Got that? Also, Meredith and Aria bond over coffee, tea and the idea of finding everything out about Byron. This is about the one zillionth time that the show has had characters initially hate each other only to eventually get along (Emily/Paige being the most prominent example).

That about sums up what went down in the first two episodes. The tension when Toby is on the screen is UNREAL and hopefully they keep his “A” identity a secret from the Liars for a little while longer. It adds a whole new dynamic when the audience knows more than the main characters, especially given the trying-to-piece-together-all-of-the-clues type of setting that the show offers. I’m still not giving up on the idea that he might be acting as some sort of double, triple, or quadruple agent. Or as I like to call it, the Severus Snape.

One last note: It may be my bias and therefore excitement whenever Spencer is on screen, but I get the feeling that the future Mrs. Vincent Ginardi has stolen the torch from Aria as the show’s “main” character. Her boyfriend is part of the A-Team (but not this one, or this one) and it just feels like she gets the most lines. I’m not complaining.