Will the Yankees wake up from the Alex Rodriguez nightmare?

rodriguezIt is not longer beginning to feel like the same song and dance with Alex Rodriguez and the New York Yankees anymore. At this point in time, fans and people around this game have more or less come to terms that this is the record the A-Rod jukebox is stuck on, and it’s never going to change.

The best analogy I can think of to use for Alex Rodriguez and his relationship with Yankee fans is that the whole situation is a very sophisticated nightmare. Let me explain…

We’ve all had those nightmares which scare the crap out of you at first, so much so that you wake up in a cold sweat. After convincing yourself that it was, indeed, all in your head, you somehow fall right back into the same nightmare, almost exactly where you left off. Every so often, the nightmare continues to pop up in the middle of your sleep, and slowly you become accustomed to the nightmare,  and it loses the shock factor, turning into more of a pain than a dream. It gets to the point that once the nightmare starts up again, you’ve trained your brain to understand that it is dreaming, and you start messing with it and corrupting the sequence.

That’s where Yankee fans are right now. Nobody is surprised, upset, shocked, in disbelief or anything else that goes along those lines. They’re just tired of it all. They’re exhausted that, regardless of what he does, something is always wrong with Alex Rodriguez. I mean, when something positive happens to A-Rod, it’s breaking news because it’s so uncommon these days.

So, the question begs asking, what exactly can the Yankees do about this anyway?

Reports yesterday indicated that the team may try to void Rodriguez’s remaining five years and about $114 million. However, nobody around the league believes such a move would be possible due to the lack of necessary language in A-Rod’s contract. Long story short, if a player’s contract doesn’t say somewhere that “THIS DEAL CAN BE VOIDED IF THE PLAYER IS CONNECTED, AT ALL, TO PEDs”, the Player’s Association will do everything in their power to keep that deal in place. And they’d more than likely win that ruling.

The worst part about the whole saga is that the Yankees probably will need significant production from Rodriguez this year once he returns from the DL. If the season started today, the Yankees would use Kevin Youkilis regularly at third, forcing them to call on someone like Russ Canzler or Eduardo Nunez to serve as DH for the beginning of the season. There are reports as recent as Wednesday that the Yanks could be close to bringing in Travis Hafner on a one-year deal, but the current construct of the line-up feels rather incomplete.

It’s an awfully awkward situation for the Yankees. They haven’t made that “splashy” move this off-season we’re so accustomed to seeing from them. They have significant holes in their line-up and are coming off a post-season in which their Captain was lost to a gruesome ankle injury and the offense was beyond quiet. The Toronto Blue Jays and Tampa Bay Rays both made significant moves in the off-season to improve their already strong teams. The Boston Red Sox are trying everything to improve themselves. Even the Baltimore Orioles, coming off a surprisingly strong season, have the youth to repeat for years to come. The Yankees, right now, feel like the only team trending backwards.

The New York Yankees are in need of some serious good news. Right now, anything surrounding Alex Rodriguez is the exact opposite of that.