The All-NBA Draft, Rounds 5-6

Stolen from Inspired by this episode of the B.S. Report, four of our writers decided to create an NBA draft, where all players from the current NBA season are available. The goal? To put together this best possible team. The draft was treated as the players’ health status is now (ex. Kevin Love out til mid-March) and if these would be the only four teams in the league, but would play it out over the course of the remainder of the rest of the season. The draft has already concluded, and will be presented in two round increments, with each writer giving their thoughts about their own and their opponents selections. Enjoy and feel free to comment!

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Round Five: Mike Aurigemma – Kyrie Irving, Greg Kaplan – Jrue Holiday, Vinny Ginardi – Blake Griffin, Michael Cresci – Paul George

kyrMA: What I am about to say may be a little over the top, but I think Irving is the second best point guard in the game behind CP3 right now.  I would take him over Westbrook, Rose, Rondo and the rest of the bunch who are considered some of the best point guards in the game.  The numbers that he has consistently put up for the Cavaliers are amazing.  If the team needs him to distribute he can and if he needs to take over a game in the fourth quarter that is his specialty.  I also think he is a big time competitor that will continue to get better.  Basically, I have a mancrush on Kyrie Irving.

01-26-2013-jrue-holiday-3_4_r536_c534GK: Alright, may have messed up by not snatching up Kyrie Irving instead of Serge Ibaka last round. I won’t admit, but I had a brain fart. Nevertheless, Holiday may have, indeed, been a reach, but I didn’t have confidence in him making it another lap or two in this draft with Vinny lurking as his biggest fan. Holiday’s passing skills have improved tremendously from season to season, and is in the middle of an absolute breakout right now. Again, a lot of my selecting of Holiday does with the make-up of my team. Durant and Kobe are my scoring sources, Randolph will add in additional scoring and huge rebounding numbers, Ibaka will hold the fort defensively inside, and now Holiday will be my distributor. I like it. Would like it better if I had Irving, but I have nobody to blame but myself..

blakegriffinVG: I can’t possibly emphasis enough how much I wanted Paul George. He’s has a breakout year, stepping up during Danny Granger’s absence, and is someone who is an elite defender and can play shooting guard or small forward. That being said, I didn’t think he was on Cresci’s mind and I couldn’t pass up on Blake Griffin in round five. Griffin, who still has flaws in his game, is probably a top 10-15 player and has proven chemistry/success playing with Chris Paul. Jrue Holiday is my favorite player in the league, but I think Kaplan reached a bit early for him here.

Paul George, Rodrigue BeauboisMC:  *Cut to me laughing maniacally*  Vinny’s reaction to this pick was perfect when we originally drafted.  You’d think I stole one of his children and sold them off to a cannibalistic butcher.  Paul George is having a break out year, allows me continued lineup versatility, provides scoring, and an elite perimeter defender who I can put on LeBron and co.   I think Mike’s pick of Kyrie was perfect, the kid’s an absolute stud.  Big reach by Greg, though I really like Holiday.  I’m starting to think that getting two consecutive picks is my favorite thing in the world.  I may have missed out on LeBron and Durant but I’m starting to really fall for my team.

Round Six: Michael Cresci – David Lee, Vinny Ginardi – Paul Pierce, Greg Kaplan – Deron Williams, Mike Aurigemma – Al Horford

David_Lee_WarriorsMC:  David Lee is averaging a double double for contender in the west.  I add more rebounding, more lineup options, a truly fierce front court.  I’m very happy I get the chance to add him to my squad.  The only pick on this round I dislike is Deron Williams. Sure he’s been playing better lately but he hasn’t been the player he was for years and he’s a coach killer. Don’t even get me started on his lack of charisma and the dismal viewing experience that is The Association.  Might be too soon to start bragging but I’m starting to really like how my team stacks up against my opponents, especially Greg’s. SHOTS FIRED!

paul-pierce-bendVG: Pierce was my fallback for not getting George. Pierce may be a few years past his prime, but he’s still having a great season and is someone who ALWAYS gets up for big games. He’s also a great three point shooter which is something that my team was somewhat lacking (outside of Curry and Paul) up to this point. It’s also interesting to see just how far Deron Williams has fallen off (or at least the perception of him). He used to be a consensus top-10 player.

deron-williams-ufoGK: Hold on now, Cresci is launching shots at my squad? Z Bo will literally have none of that. As for my pick, Deron Williams kept falling, and falling, and falling…and it just got to the point where I said to myself “Is Deron Williams really still available at this point in the draft?” I’m not asking for Williams to be a star. Hell, I’m not even asking him to be a starter. I want Williams to be my sixth man, play either the point or the two depending on the bodies on the floor around him and won’t have the pressure of the team’s success riding directly on his shoulders. It’s a role I think he’ll thrive in, a role he enjoyed playing when he was at the 2012 London Olympics. P.S., Cresci, Lee is an undersized forward that rebounds well, but not on the level of an Ibaka or Randolph. COME AFTER ME, BRO!

horfordMA:  I just had to reunite the two Florida Gator big men after I had already chosen Noah.  I would have liked to get David Lee instead as I thought that was a great choice for Cresci, but I am happy with Horford.  He is another big man that can rebound, play defense and run the floor.  He may not be a great scorer, but combine him with James, Harden and Irving and the need for him to put up a lot of points will no longer be required.  Also as much as I love Paul Pierce he is just not nearly the player he once was, but going up against LeBron or some other big time players, you know he will always have his A game ready.

Teams So Far:

Mike AurigemmaLeBron James, James Harden, LaMarcus Aldridge, Joakim Noah, Kryie Irving, Al Horford

Greg Kaplan – Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant, Zach Randolph, Serge Ibaka, Jrue Holiday, Deron Williams

Vinny Ginardi- Chris Paul, Dwight Howard, Steph Curry, Dwyane Wade, Blake Griffin, Paul Pierce

Michael Cresci- Carmelo Anthony, Russell Westbrook, Marc Gasol, Tim Duncan, Paul George, David Lee

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