Shameless Season 3, Episode 7, “A Long Way From Home” Recap

shamelessThroughout the third season of Showtime’s Shameless, Mike Aurigemma will discuss the ins and outs of each episode. Please beware of spoilers.

Really? Karen has to come back on this show.  I mean I guess I knew it was inevitable, but I still just did not want to see it happen at all.  Other than her being on the show, which although I do not like her character she will definitely stir up some more drama I thought this was a great episode.

One of my favorite scenes so far has to be the whole court room scene and how that unfolded.  There were just so many elements coming into play at once it was amazing.  You could see how the younger kids were not old enough to realize how bad Frank has been as a father and how they were torn on what they should say.  Also there was the judge trying to talk Fiona into not doing this because it will mean her life is completely over.  This is also something that Jimmy seemed to realize as well by his facial expression.  I thought this whole scene was one of the more powerful ones in this whole series especially when she was talking about what Frank did.  This is really what brings this show to a different level.  With all of the craziness going on in each episode they have scenes like this that separates it from an over the top sitcom. 

Now of course we have to talk about some of the crazy things that happened in this episode.  The Gallagher’s stole a dead body(well I guess not really stole to use) as the body of Aunt Ginger.  This was a brilliant plan once again thought out by them, but it seems another Gallagher family member was a step ahead of them as their cousin Patrick looks like he will be getting the house.  This just throws another wrench into their whole situation and we will see what they take as their next step.  Also this is all going to have a pretty big impact on Frank as he was collecting her social security check for quite some time and we will see what this does to him financially.  I cannot imagine he will get much worse, but who knows.

Obviously I really cannot go this whole recap without talking about how the return of Karen will impact this show and mainly Lip.  We saw her mother accept her back pretty easily while also kicking Jody out of the house along the way.  Will Lip have the same reaction when he sees her?  What will this mean to Mandy now with Karen back in the picture?  I am really hoping that we see Lip continue on his path of going to college, but unfortunately I think Karen will eventually drag him back down.  And of course we will all find out what she has been doing and where she has been lately, which I imagine will eventually stir up even more drama.  Only time will tell and I would not be surprised to see two Gallagher relationships with the Milkovich family go up in flames in the coming weeks.

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  1. I kind of agree about Karen to a point…but though none of us would really want to see Karen back (in a real life scenario), for the sake of adding drama to the show for entertainment value alone, she definitely works for that purpose…..and alas, she is definitely poison for poor “Lip”, who unfortunately, probably won’t be able to help himself or stay away from her….

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