Shameless Season 3, Episode 8, “When There’s a Will” Recap

shamelessThroughout the third season of Showtime’s Shameless, Mike Aurigemma will discuss the ins and outs of each episode. Please beware of spoilers.

This is the first time in a long time where I feel like the main storyline in the episode is not about the Gallagher’s.  It seems like the love triangle of Veronica, Kevin and Carol is going to become a big issue for the rest of this season.  At first, I thought the joke Kevin played on Veronica was fantastic preteneding it to be her mother, but when it ended up actually being her it was an even better move to make it so she would not look at the phone.  A situation like this was going to be inevitable in this show and now will come a big test for Kevin as it is really going to be on him and how he handles Carol.

Of course this would not be a normal episode if it was not for the regular crazy Gallagher lifestyle.  From Carl having another great episode by nearly killing Patrick with rat poison to Debbie making up a lie about how Patrick molested her.  This really had it all and of course Frank had to go find a new roommate and he did that by pretending to be a sponsor for Chris.  This is really how Sheila became such a huge character in this show so maybe this will be the beginning of Chris starting to have a big role in this show.  Although, I feel like Frank’s stop in this new home will be short-lived.  But how great was it that he was wearing that shirt around throughout that episode.  Just classic Frank and I was glad something ended up coming out of that too.

As much as a Karen hater as I am, she still brings a ton to this show and is a great character.  She really knows how to push people’s buttons and get exactly what she wants with her words.  It was extremely easy for Karen to come back home and immediately take Mandy out of the picture and this could easily lead to the downfall of “Lip” again.  One thing that also came out was that it was Karen who called to have the baby taken away from Sheila.  Karen has done an amazing job at really playing everyone in this show, but eventually her luck is going to come to an end.  If I had to take a guess who would be the one to bring Karen down, I would have to go with Mandy.  She is crazy enough to go overboard and completely remove her from “Lip’s” mind.

I am still waiting for a big bomb to drop in the Fiona and Jimmy relationship.  Eventually something is going to happen, whether it involves Estefania’s father, a new job opportunity coming for Jimmy or just Fiona getting sick of Jimmy not sacrificing for her family.  Every episode I keep watching and waiting for this situation to explode and I have a feeling it is coming soon.