Shameless Season 3, Episode 9, “Frank the Plumber” Recap

shamelessThroughout the third season of Showtime’s Shameless, Mike Aurigemma will discuss the ins and outs of each episode. Please beware of spoilers.

This was an episode that had so many great storylines developed in just one hour.  Sometimes this show can lack in that way as there can be too much going on, but this time it was written perfectly.  I think what really got me in this episode was how many characters took big steps in their developments.  The main one was obviously Lip as he seemed to finally understand that Mandy was a good influence on him, but Karen was pulling him in the complete other direction.  This was a step that I was hoping we would see out of Lip this season and luckily it came through in this episode. Obviously a huge factor in this development could be how Karen recovers from being hit by a car that Mandy was driving.  I knew that Mandy would be the one crazy enough to take her out of the equation, but we will have to see how this plays out for her as well.  This could especially go really south for her when Lip fins out that she was the one who tried to kill Karen.

Another big turning point for a character came for Jimmy.  He is starting to realize that maybe he would be better off without Fiona and all of her baggage.  I cannot really blame him, but I also feel like at times this show would be better off without him having a huge role in it.  I just feel as if Fiona dating other guys would possibly bring some added drama into the show.  And the main thing I am waiting for is when Estefania’s father comes back into the picture. They cannot just make him that strong of a person and then not let him appear in another episode.  It is clear that Jimmy and Fiona are drifting apart now and I expect that to continue throughout this season.

In a lot of my recaps I have not spent a lot of time on Ian and his relationship with Mickey, but this episode brought it to another level.  It is clear how Ian feels about all of it, but that cannot be confirmed with Mickey as he is in complete denial at this point.  He was making a statement to Ian and really did a lot to get his point across to him.  We saw how Ian took it at the end of the episode and seeing how he responds from this should be interesting. 

Really this episode was up there as one of my all-time favorites because it had so much in it, but still went deep enough into each character as well.  We saw Sheila have a breakthrough as she had a good conversation with Karen right before she was set up by Mandy to get hit by the car.  This was also a big episode for Fiona as it looked like she was taking a step to becoming more of a professional worker with her appearance.  This could play a big role if she also starts become a full-time worker and can no longer take care of the kids all the time.  Eventually, I think we will see Jimmy give Fiona an ultimatum to have it be either him or all of her siblings.  I just cannot see Fiona leaving all of her kids now at this point.

I would love to see more episodes like this for the rest of the season, but we all know there will be some episodes based on Frank making crazy decisions.  But this episode even had that still, it was just an all-around fantastic episode.

One thought on “Shameless Season 3, Episode 9, “Frank the Plumber” Recap

  1. the best part was Frank. He was at his best as was Macy in playing him. It was fun. The rest? Where are they going? Of course we have a false sense of security with Fiona. She can’t dig out from under no matter how hard she tries. The writers are getting ready to dump Jimmy. Where else can this relationship go? Ian’s behavior bothered me. Here’s a guy who uses him as a punching bag and is all around wrong for him, and keeps taking. Not a good scenario. Sure the other kid has his problems, but to take them out on Ian and have Ian sit there and cry? He should say I don’t need this kind of guy around me. Those in denial about their sexuality who take it out on the ones they love is not good. And you say Mandy is good for Lip? Come on. None of these women is good for Lip, but they are the trap he keeps falling into. Things look rosy for Lip, Frank and Fiona, but this is Shameless and it won’t last. And Lip calling the shots on MIT? Never. Fun episode, kept me watching every second, but the best one of the season? No way.

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