Pretty Little Liars Season 4, Episode 17 “Bite Your Tongue” Recap

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I’m back, bitches – A V

Alright Pretty Little Liars, you’ve sucked me back in. I’m hooked again. Good job. Following last week’s stellar episodePLL returned this week with some answers and even more questions.

Once again, the focus here has to remain on Ezra. “Bite Your Tongue” gave us even more evidence that Ezra is “A”, or part of the A-Team, or whatever. I mentioned last week that his story has worked so far this half-season because the audience knows something that the characters don’t, but I also voiced my concern that this could potentially drag out for too long, eventually losing what makes it special (think How I Met Your Mother,seasons four through nine). But now, after last night’s episode, things are starting to get really interesting.

Spencer knows. She may not know everything that we do (even though we still aren’t entirely sure what we know), but she has put the pieces together enough to see that Alison had been dating Ezra. If we’ve learned anything over the years about Spencer – other than that she’s my future wife – it’s that she’s persistent and determined in getting what she wants. I think it was a good idea to hold this information to herself for now. She just got back on Emily’s good side and bringing up that she discovered that Ezra was the older man that had been seeing Alison just before her disappearance would put a divide in the group. I’m curious to see what Spencer, P.I., can find out on her own and hopes she withholds the information from the rest of the core four for a little bit longer. Also, stop doing drugs Spencer. Just stop or you’ll start to look like Annie Adderall  .

Hanna had a bit more of an adventure this week after an episode of moping around. It appeared she found the file she was looking for at the dentist’s office but then fell victim to “A’. Damn. So close. Thanks to the internet though, there is a screenshot of the sign-in sheet that “A” was holding in the final tag. Obviously the name the catches your eye here is “Cavanaugh” (as in the same last name as Toby), but that person signed in several hours before Hanna’s appointment. And of course “A’s” hand is covering the times we actually want to see. What a tease.

The writers once again toyed with my emotions by putting in Emily’s life in jeopardy. You’ve got to give “A” some credit here, though. That was some presentation! If “A” put a fraction of the time that he or she spends working on showmanship into actually trying to kill or capture or these girls, they’d be long gone. Take some advice here, “A”, less flair next time and maybe your prey won’t see you coming. Also, this pretty much confirms that there’s at least three members of the A-Team, right? We saw Ezra with Spencer, somebody gassing Hanna and somebody (sadly) failing to capture Emily.

Sort of a down week for Aria. The highlight was either confronting Maggie and breaking a picture frame or seeing her brother make out with Mona. She did meet super-tall Jesse, so maybe he’ll play a factor as we progress toward the season finale. Also, these girls run into their school wayyyy too often. It happened to me like once in high school, but I feel like we see our Liars running into their teachers more often outside of school than in it. I guess that’s what happens when you have super-fly coffee shops all around (the average number of times someone has a coffee in their hands per episode is 10,290,382 —– all numbers approximate).

Speaking of Mona, what do we think of her having a private meeting with Mr. Fitz? Obviously the topics of their discussion were intentionally left out to make us think.

I was hoping to see Jake this week after his accident. I think it’d be interesting to see him coming after Ezra, especially now that Spencer is hot on his trail too. Maybe next week.

Okay, once again I’m going to wrap this up with some Alan Sepinwall-style thoughts:

– Where’s Wren?!?!!? Come back into my life.

– Once again, another commercial for That Awkward Moment. Still really excited for that movie, but confused why they are marketing an R-rated movie on ABC Family.

– Ian Harding (Ezra) is 27 years old and Sasha Pieterse (Alison) is 17. #Awk.

– Along the same lines I thought it was funny that Aria called Mona a cougar for going after a 10th grader (gasp!) when Aria herself has spent literally the entire series dating a teacher.

– I want to hear more about the dental hygienist’s son. I think his name was Sean. Is he really making a splash with the girls at school or is he just telling tall tales to his mom? This show is about liars, after all.

– I’m a big fan of Emily’s dad. He’s cool and interesting and has a sweet voice. He’s like the anti-Emily.

– I recently found out that Aeropostale has a PLL clothing line. I’m not kidding.

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